Examining The Latest Features Of Modern Outdoor Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Published: Apr 20, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
outdoor wireless surveillance cameras

Over the course of many years, security cameras have gone through a major renovation. In the past, these cameras are helpful, but not nearly as effective as they are nowadays. Modern outdoor wireless surveillance cameras are equipped with highly innovative features, which are truly stunning. Not only will these new features help to make the camera more effective, but also they help to make utilization and installation much more simplistic and straightforward. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the latest features associated with modern wireless cameras.

Some Similarities

Although cameras have changed dramatically, they’re still similar in a handful of ways. Below, you’ll find some of the similarities associated with new cameras and old cameras.

• They share the same purpose
• Both deliver peace of mind
• Both can record video
• Some still have cords

Night Vision

Night vision isn’t new, but this feature has improved greatly in the past several years. In the past, night vision was available, but the picture quality was bad and the range provided was very limited. Now, wireless cameras are capable of delivering crystal clear video even when it is pitch dark outside. At the same time, some new cameras can deliver night vision ranges of 20 or 30 feet.

More Compact

Antique cameras are absolutely massive and weigh a ton. In order for these devices to be installed, they need to be properly supported or they’ll break free and smash into the ground. Nowadays, cameras are very compact, slim and lightweight. In fact, the lightweight camera from Frontpoint Security can be supported with just two screws.


Approximately ten years ago, security cameras were always equipped with wires. Although they worked the same, the wires proved to be problematic. In fact, the thought of finding a camera, which didn’t require wires, would’ve been considered a fairytale. Now, the mass majority of cameras are wireless. By relying on Wi-Fi connectivity and batteries, wireless cameras are now a possibility and they’re immensely beneficial.

Easy Installation

One of the most notable changes associated with cameras is undoubtedly the installation process. In the past, a professional technician was always required! Today, there are numerous cameras, which can be installed within a matter of minutes. People have gotten much more tech savvy, but the cameras themselves have also gotten much more user-friendly. Without wires and with the possibility of placing the camera anywhere, the installation process couldn’t get any easier.

Alerts And Monitoring

Alerts and monitoring capabilities are two other features, which are commonly available with new cameras. The alert feature is very helpful and can deliver text and email alerts to the consumer. At the same time, consumers can now monitor their own cameras, by utilizing their computer, smartphone or tablet. With this type of monitoring feature, there is no need to pay monthly for professional monitoring services.


There is no doubt that home surveillance cameras have gotten immensely better in the past few years. At the same time, these products have dropped in price. There is truly no better time to invest in a new camera system and begin protecting your home and family!

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