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Published: Feb 11, 2015 at 08:12 UTC
ADT Pulse Total Security

If we were to tell you that there is a home invasion every 15 seconds throughout the U.S., you may be one of those people who are not terribly concerned. You may be a little more surprised to learn that break-ins have become much more common-place in towns and rural areas, but again, news of these intrusions has become such a regular story now that we tend to become blasé about their occurrence. For this, there is a very obvious reason.

The changing face of home security

The truth of the matter is, while none of us wants to be on that burglary statistics list, we are now a society that is as fascinated with convenience, automation and smart technology as we are with safety when it comes to protecting our home. If we are unable to monitor, and control, our property with round-the-clock accessibility with our current provider, then we have no problem whatsoever with quickly dropping that company and finding someone with a home protection system that is capable of meeting all of our expectations and modern requirements.

With that said, enter ADT Pulse Total Security.

For those of you who, like us, insist on managing your lifestyle in a way that excludes burglary fears, but includes complete family safety and household automation integration, then read on to discover about the charge being led in new wave home security by the top mobile and wireless security provider in the country.

Staying current with ADT Pulse

Home security experts ADT have once again this month revealed their commitment to providing the best in security by showcasing the very latest in their wireless technology, known to us as ADT Pulse Total Security. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the capabilities of the ADT Pulse experience, we can tell you that it is the homeowners dream solution to security and automation.

This new ‘Total Security’ package builds on the foundation provided by ADT Pulse which, successfully, set new industry standards in providing home security options for all lifestyles based on both desire and need in the home security market. With ADT Pulse, homeowners can establish automation rules, instructing their security system to perform specified and recurring functions, like turning on a lamp or unlocking a door at established times or for specific purposes. They can activate or disarm the system as required, and change climate settings all from their favorite mobile device. This new ‘z-wave’ technology works of course in conjunction with remote viewing options and instant activity alerts.

ADT Pulse Total Security system announced

In November 2014, ADT provided a further statement of industry leadership by announcing their new interactive ADT Pulse Total Security, and revealed these Pulse system enhancements this very month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

With this new technology, you do not want to make the mistake of believing that this is simply an add-on thought up by a provider to convince you that you need further augmentation to your current Pulse provision. This Total Security system is instead the next step in home monitoring and automation evolution.

Features of ADT Pulse Total Security

Following are the key features that you can expect with your ADT Pulse Total Security system;

  • Wireless control hub
  • Power and cellular backup to provide multiple layers of home security
  • Expansion of remote access control beyond regular devices like thermostats, lights and door locks
  • Control of large appliances, ceiling fans and garage doors
  • New proprietary panel with a capacity for 16 cameras and 99 user codes, 250 wireless device and 10000 event memory capability.

Benefits of ADT Pulse Total Security

One of the main take-away benefits of Total Security is that it has expanded safety and automation systems beyond anything which is currently in the market. With mobile availability ‘a must’ in today’s rapidly expanding home automation market, householders with Total Security will find that they can connect to their property via their online portal or from the ADT Pulse app to control devices, receive alerts and view video in real time more readily than was possible with prior home security upgrades and developments. The new Proprietary panel also drastically reduces installation to less than 2 hours now given that it is operating a completely wireless system.

Moving forward with home security

If staying current is important to you, then you will receive enviable product satisfaction from ADT. Indeed, the ADT Pulse Total Security system shows in itself that the company is prepared to pioneer the complete home integration package future. When it comes to the newest in options for residential property alarm systems, ADT’s Total Security is as much a lifestyle management provision as it is a failsafe home wireless system.

ADT is running FREE installation and activation campaigns for the Pulse remote service with $0 upfront fees, so now it would be a good opportunity to jump in and get the latest and greatest from what ADT has to offer in the professionally installed home security/automation market.

To take advantage of this offer, you can get in touch with ADT through our Special partner channel either by clicking this link or by calling 877-811-3616 and mention the Promo code: A125330.

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