Exploring The Numerous Components Of A Wireless Home Alarm System

Published: May 25, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
Wireless home alarm system

Technology has truly improved leaps and bounds over the years. Although many people relate these advancements to computers and the Internet, technology has changed an abundance of things, including the way you shop, drive and protect your home. Suffice to say, the latest wireless home alarm system will be able to protect you with additional equipment, which is more effective than ever before. Within this guide, you will be able to learn about some of the different components found within modern alarm systems.

A List

Before getting into the specifics, you should quickly familiarize yourself with the names of the various components. They’ll be compiled in a list below for your convenience.

• Base unit with keypad
• Key fobs
• Various sensors
• Siren or alarm
• Cameras

Each of these components will be explored in greater depth below.

Base Unit And Key Fobs

The base unit is truly the brain of the operation. If you wish to shut down your system or manipulate its settings, you’ll need to access and utilize the base unit, which is usually equipped with a keypad. Some systems will also come with key fobs. This additional accessory can be utilized to shut off or trigger the alarm and can easily be used as a personal safety apparatus around your home.

Siren Or Alarm

A home alarm system is only going to be effective, if it is capable of alarming everyone of an intruder’s presence. This is why they have received the alarm moniker. These systems are equipped with an indoor or outdoor siren, which is capable of alerting everyone nearby of a criminal. The system’s sensors will transmit data to the alarm and base unit. The alarm will awake everyone in your home, while the base unit will usually notify the authorities. Generally, this 2-step process will stop the intruder in their tracks, while also ensuring the authorities arrive rapidly.

Various Sensors

Sensors are immensely important, since they’re your first line of defense. When exploring the alarm systems provided by Frontpoint Security, you’ll find a comprehensive lineup, which is capable of properly protecting the entirety of your home. For instance, you’ll want to choose door sensors, window sensors, garage door sensors, and glass break sensors. Utilizing the right combination will help to ensure that your alarm system will be effective in various scenarios.


Although it is possible to invest in a home alarm system, which does not have a camera or two, this is generally not a good ideal. Your cameras play a vital role in keeping your home safe and can add additional security. First and foremost, the cameras are now equipped with motion detection capabilities and will be able to detect an intruder, before your sensors do. At the same time, the cameras will capture crucial evidence, which can later be used to identify and prosecute the criminal, if they’re able to escape. Therefore, you should definitely add cameras to your toolbox!


Although it is possible to purchase a pre-packaged security alarm system, you should not. Instead, you should configure your own system, while adding each and every one of the components explored above. Make sure the security system is perfectly customized for your home and no intruder will ever be able to outsmart it!

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