Exploring The Different Types Of Home Security Systems

Published: Feb 13, 2016 at 08:00 UTC

If you are looking to make your home more secure with a security system, you will need to do a bit of research. Throughout your search, you will probably notice that there are many different types of home security systems. It may seem overwhelming at first, but below you will find a guide that will give you more information about the different types of security systems.

Local Alarm Systems

Local alarm systems are the most basic type. However, they are unmonitored by a command center. These systems come with various sensors which are placed throughout the home. When they sense an intruder, they will send a notification to the homeowner’s source device and emit a loud alarm. The sensors can be attached to doors and windows within the home. You can also add more advanced features like motion detectors and fire alarms.

This type of system can scare off a potential intruder or alert neighbors of a break in, but the fact is they are less effective than a monitored system. They almost resemble a smoke alarm, since they are capable of emitting an audible alert of a potential intruder, but the rest is left up to the homeowner.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Monitored alarm systems are a lot like local alarm systems, but the major difference is that they are connected to a monitoring command center. These systems are often offered by home security system companies. Basically, this means in an event that an alarm is triggered a signal will be sent to the security command center. A representative will immediately investigate the alert and notify the homeowner. If the homeowner is away from the home, then the representative will contact 911 for a follow up visit.

The company will also monitor fire and carbon dioxide alarms. Another upside is that the additional services of fire and carbon dioxide monitoring are often included with your security-monitoring fee.

You can even take this system one step further, by downloading an app to your mobile device. This will offer you remote monitoring and full control of all the Smart Home devices within your home.

More Responsibilities

When it comes to home security, you will want your entire home protected from potential burglaries, fires, and carbon dioxide poisoning. Many homeowners will select a non-monitored security system that offers remote monitoring, but they end up regretting the decision later on down the road.

If you work away from home, it can become very difficult to monitor and control every aspect of your home security system. Receiving an alert will definitely require some type of response, but if you are not available to eliminate the issue, you will be forced to call 911.


A monitored security system is more preferable for most homeowners, but the monthly fees can be extremely pricy. Many home security companies are now offering a variety of packages, so the homeowner will be able to find a plan that is suitable for their financial budget. Take the time to do a thorough research on each company, before you make your final decision. This could potentially save you a lot of stress later on the down the road.

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