Exploring The History of Home Security Systems

Published: Feb 20, 2016 at 08:00 UTC

Over the years, technology has changed almost everything in the world. Vehicles are fairly new and they’ve improved dramatically in the past could of years. On the other hand, homeowners are now able to protect their homes, with systems that were previously only accessible to business owners. This type of technology has become more readily available and much cheaper. This has encouraged many homeowners to add a system to their homes. This wasn’t always the case and the old days will be explored in more depth below.

Days Before Security Systems

Some consumers will remember the days, when high-tech security systems were nonexistent. Have you ever gone into a convenience or retail store and saw a huge mirror in the corner? You guessed it. The mirror previously served as a type of security apparatus. It gave staff members the ability to see throughout the store, but mainly served as a deterrent. Suffice to say, the mirror approach wasn’t entirely effective.

Other similar techniques were used, during this period of time. Ever enter a store and notice a bell hanging above the entrance? The bell rings anytime someone enters and exits the establishment. This too helps to serve as a type of security component. It can give the staff a heads up that someone is entering and will allow them to monitor the individual for any criminal behavior.

The Beginning

Although many people do not know it, ADT actually started out as a telegraph service. In 1981, the company introduced their Safewatch Residential System. During this period of time, they also released the ADT Focus system, which was used for commercial properties. As technology has improved, ADT and other companies have been there to push home security further and further. In the past, home security systems were big and difficult to install. Now, they’re small, lightweight and can be installed by the homeowner.


The history of home security systems is definitely an interesting one, but the present may be even more fascinating. Consumers have been granted with a wide variety of innovative products, which can further your home’s security. You will find a list of some of these below.

  • Wireless security cameras
  • Fire, water and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Motion detectors
  • Window and door alarms

Although some of these devices have been around for a while, they’ve improved incredibly in the past few years. Now, a lot of these systems have become DIY wireless home security systems. They’re designed for effortless installation and simplicity. Some can be installed without any power tools, which is definitely nice.

In The Future

In the future, it is almost certain that home security systems will continue to improve. Their prices will also continue to decrease, so more and more homeowners will jump onto the bandwagon. They’ll become easier to install and even more effective than ever before. This doesn’t mean that you should wait around, but the future is definitely intriguing.


The history, present and future of home security systems are very telling. These devices progressively improve and will continue to do so for many years. Criminals might as well go ahead and give up, because these systems are on the verge of putting them out of business.

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