Exploring The Overall Cost Of Home Security System

Published: Feb 27, 2016 at 08:00 UTC

Over the years, the country’s crime rate has continued to increase. This has brought about a need for improved home security. If you do not protect your home, an intruder will be able to walk right in, without difficulty. There are numerous ways to enhance your home’s security, but nothing works more effectively than a home security system. What is the overall cost of home security system and which one should you choose? You will find out below!

Average Cost of a Burglary

Before jumping into the specifics of home security systems, it is vital to learn how much you could lose from a burglary. There were 1.9 million burglaries in the United States in 2013. On average, the victims lost $2,322 per burglary. Of course, these are minor offenses, when compared to more violent crimes. Home invasions are far worse and either will destroy the sanctity of your home. So, the overall costs are minor factors, when compared to what could be lost.

Types of Security Systems

When attempting to choose the right security system for your home, you should remember that there are numerous types to choose from. The price will vary significantly and it is essential to consider all of your options. Below, you will find a quick breakdown of each.

  • Hardwired Systems – These are slightly less expensive, but they’re also more difficult to install. If you have the tools and expertise to pull it off, you should consider it, but many do not and will want to try something easier.
  • Wireless Systems – Wireless systems can easily be referred to as DIY systems and some are also DIY self-monitored systems. These may be a little more costly, but they’re tremendously less stress.

Aside from this differential, it is also important to consider the monitoring aspect of the system. Who will be monitoring the system? It is possible to skip a monthly fee and monitor your own system, but this may limit your security. On the other hand, you can sign up for a professionally installed and monitored system from ADT. With this type of system, the experts at ADT will monitor over your home throughout the day and night!

Things to Consider

Before choosing a security system, there are several things to consider. Some of these can help you save money, without compromising your home’s security. Below, you will find a list of the most important things to consider for your convenience.

  • How dangerous is your neighborhood?
  • What is the crime rate in your area?
  • What is the overall value of the belongings in your home?
  • Will you need constant monitoring?
  • How frequently will you be away from home?

These questions can help you formulate a better idea about your needs. If you live in an upscale community, which hasn’t seen a crime in twenty years, you might be able to sneak by without an expensive security system. If you fall into the opposite category, you’ll want to spend more to keep everything locked up securely.


At the end of the day, your home’s security is absolutely vital, so the price shouldn’t be a major determining factor. Some situations will demand stronger security, while others will not. Be sure to know your own particulars, before moving forward!

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