Is Your Family Protected From Fire? Use a wireless security system with fire alarm

Published: Mar 21, 2014 at 02:22 UTC
Is Your Family Protected From Fire? Use a wireless security system with fire alarm

Fire alarm and smoke detectors are the necessity of every house and that’s the reason they are often considered an important part of a wireless security system. Without a fire alarm system, you will be risking safety of your home and family. In fact, fire alarm system should be coupled with wireless alarm system in order to complete the system.

If you read news or stay in touch with stats, you must have realized that fire incidents are becoming common in the U.S. Even if you don’t read news, you will notice that there is an incident every other day in your region. To stay safe and protected, you may need to install a state-of-the-art wireless security system that includes a fire system.

Here is what you need to make sure that your fire alarm system is perfect and it gives the alarm whenever there is fire in the home.

Use the right equipment

Most of the home owners are using fire protection along with wireless security system in the house but they don’t know about the type and quality of the system that they are using.
There are basically two types of smoke detectors including Photoelectric and Ionization smoke detectors. Ionization works when it identifies the smoke from an original flame only. Whereas, photoelectric detector that sometimes comes with a standard wireless security system can detect smoke from smoldering sources like a cigarette falls on a carpet and it causes smoke. Photoelectric smoke detector is little bit costly but it is as much necessary as the Ionization smoke detectors. Both systems are required in each house to keep up the protection against fire.

Install a fire alarm in your house

In the entire United States, commercial buildings are equipped with fire alarms and other wireless security system equipment. You should also install an alarm system for your house to protect it from fire so that it’s safe. If you are living in a large house, you can use a wireless security system through which a person can alert everyone in the house in case of any emergency. You can also opt for an automatic fire protection system as mentioned above.

Fire security is home security

As per announcement of United States fire department, more than 24 hundred people died in the fire related accidents during the year 2011 and nearly 15,000 people were injured due to fire incidents, in residential areas only. They also announced that it cause the loss of billions of dollars and you know most of this could have been saved if those homes had installed wireless security system with fire alarms. The entire detail is mentioned just to realize that you are under a lot of risk, if you are not using any fire protection in your house.

Check your Fire protection system

The fire alarm system and smoke detectors need to be examined after short periods of time just like other parts of your wireless security system in the home. They should be tested and you should make sure that they are working properly so all sensors are in good condition. There should be some alternate power source in case your current power goes out. Also you should update your fire security system with the passage of time to enhance its performance and stability. Taking care of your fire protection and wireless security system is easy and it won’t cost much.

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