Features of a Wireless Alarm System

Published: Aug 13, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Features of a Wireless Alarm System

A wireless alarm system can provide excellent security to homes and businesses because of the various features they have.

Household security has become a matter of grave importance for people nowadays, especially with the rising number of burglaries and kidnappings. The best way to secure your home and belongings is to install a reliable security system that can aid in keeping the intruders out. There are a wide variety of security systems, with each having special features that set them apart from the others. Previously, hardwired security systems were immensely popular because they could offer the best possible features, but not it is common to see a wireless alarm system in a home rather than a wired one.

Wired Vs Wireless:

While wired security systems fulfill their purpose efficiently, they weren’t without their problems. Having wires spread around the house wasn’t safe, especially if they were left lying on the floors. They create problems when there are kids and pets in the house. Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of the house is also diminished because of wires going through walls, floors and the ceiling. However, people didn’t have a lot of options available until technological advancement led to the introduction of a wireless alarm system. As the name indicates, no wires are used in this particular system, but it serves the same function as wired ones.


Even though they have become popular, some people still hesitant in installing a wireless alarm system in their homes. But, there are numerous features it has that make it an effective way to provide security. Firstly, it is possible for people to install the keypad and control panel in two different areas of the house instead of just one. Secondly, wireless systems also have excellent range particularly in open air. The system can also support up till 4 wireless keypads and even more if people want it. The status indicators of the system are also easy to read. A complete message LCD is offered in it with two LCD lines. Whether small or large homes have to be protected, the security system will provide support for different zones ensuring that all areas are covered.

Additional Options:

A wireless alarm systemcan also provide unique door chimes and people can choose whichever they prefer. Apart from that, these systems not only provide protection from burglaries, but can also have other benefits associated with them. They support other wireless accessories such as vanishing contacts, smoke detectors, flood detectors, key fobs, window/door sensors, shock sensor etc. In addition, standard alarm communication is also supported by the system for IP monitoring and also monitoring GSM and landline. Audible and visual feedback of the system can also be viewed by the users.


Rather than going the traditional route, a wireless alarm system is effective in the long run because it has 24 hour battery backup so it doesn’t stop working even when the power is down. Moreover, individuals can also get mobile notification in case they are out and their security is compromised. This makes it quicker for them to alert the proper authorities and get help as soon as possible. Video monitoring is also optional for which camera systems will have to be installed. These are some new security features that have been added to a wireless alarm system and also include motion detectors.

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