Find The Best Wireless Security System for Your Family

Published: Apr 18, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Find The Best Wireless Security System for Your Family

In this post, the best wireless security systems on the market will be analyzed and compared to better assist the consumer in making the best decision for their family’s safety.

When it comes to home security, wireless security systems are the newest trend. Numberless security systems are available for every buyer to consider. However, if wanting the elite in both security and convenience, consumers should opt for a best wireless security system.

Which Is The Best Wireless Security System For Your Family?

Buyers in the market for the best wireless security system have hundreds to choose from, but which is the best for the protection of you and your loved ones? Obviously, what most consumers think about first when purchasing anything is the price. For security systems, however, much more should be considered. For instance, some wireless systems are best suited for smaller homes, while others would fit better in a household where there is less movement because of children and pets. Of course, one of the main benefits of wireless security systems is installation convenience. No more installation fees and holes in your walls. So with all things considered, such as price and size of home and family, which is the best wireless security system for you?

Wireless Security Systems On The Market

The Defender Phoenix 301-013 seems to be the best out there for all types of families. Basically it does it all. It is weather resistant, works both in the day and night, and takes video and sound all day every day. It is fairly small and compact and the wireless remote regulates the entire security system. Finally, it can signal movement up to 450 feet away! When it comes to the best wireless security system, this is probably it for both businesses and homes. For buyers who are on a slightly lower budget, there are several options in wireless security. The VideoSecu wireless security system has its pros and cons, but does a pretty good job getting the job done for ensuring additional protection. Although it does not record image or sound, consumers can hook the system up to their television and stream the live video feed simply and quickly. The biggest con for this system is that interruption to the feed can occur due to cordless telephone usage. Another cheaper yet effective wireless security system is the iSmart Alarm. Like many inexpensive options, this system does not call the police. This being the biggest complaint, it seems like an excellent option for a small home and family seeking added peace and safety.

The best of the best in wireless security systems does come at a high price. The Lorex wireless security system is nearly $800 with shipping, but it comes with a wealth of accessories. Included are 8 channels, 4 cameras and a 24-inch monitor. Its night vision reaches up to 60 feet and it has all the five-star level reviews you would expect in such an expensive home purchase.

Wireless Security Systems Are The Elite In Home Security

Put simply, the best wireless security systems for you are out there. And when safety, protection and peace of mind are considered, any buyer would do whatever it takes to secure their family. Invest in your family’s well being and decide what the best wireless security system is for you!

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