Five Reasons for Why a Wireless Home Alarm System is a Good Choice

Published: Apr 11, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Five Reasons for Why a Wireless Home Alarm System is a Good Choice

New and advanced, a wireless home alarm system offers homeowners a horde of benefits in terms of security.

According to the statistics that have been obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a home is robbed in North America after every 12 seconds. This alone is an indication of the rising crime rate, not just in North America, but in different parts of the globe. Security is not something that can be taken for granted. Proper measures have to be taken to keep the house secure not just because you have precious treasures, but in order to protect your loved ones as well. Because of the increased risk, the market of security systems has expanded greatly and the concept of a wireless home alarm system has been introduced. As opposed to wired security systems, there are numerous benefits that are provided with these wireless ones. The top five reasons why a wireless system is a good choice for homes are mentioned below.


In comparison with a traditional wired security system, it is a lot easier for homeowners to install a wireless system. For starters, there is no hassle of running cables and wires throughout the house, which means that there are slim chances of needing to drill holes into woodwork, ceilings, walls or concrete. The installation of a wired system is said to be highly invasive and time consuming, but there is no such issue in a wireless one. Also, when opting for a wireless system, the window and door sensors, the motion detectors and other equipment products can be placed wherever people wish to keep track of the activities.


For decades, security systems have been a considered a costly investment, one that property owners aren’t able to justify. This is not the case today as a wireless home alarm system is very convenient and is simply an assurance of security. In addition, homeowners will notice the added benefit of easy portability that will allow not just homeowners, but also renters to take the complete system along with them when they are changing locations. No such benefit can be found in wired systems.


In traditional wired security systems, homeowners are exposed to any vulnerability found in the power grid, internet connections or phone lines. Wired systems become inoperable when any wire is cut or there is a power outage. A wireless home alarm system is free of these loopholes as it has battery-powered backup that will provide security even when there is a power outage.

Whole Home Solutions:

A wireless home alarm system makes use of wireless communication over a secure and dedicated network due to which it is ideal for a home that’s without a landline. The technology used in these wireless home alarm systems provide homeowners with system alerts and activity notifications to keep them aware of what is happening at their property at all times.


In case there is a problem with the system that requires attention, it can easily be fixed even remotely. Quick troubleshooting access is provided to the system for homeowners with the help of the over-the-air system tools. A technician’s visit will not have to be scheduled in this way and people will be able to identify the cause of the problem and take the proper measures needed for correcting it and ensure smooth running of the wireless home alarm system.

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