Flare: The UFO All-In-1 Security System

Published: Jul 15, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

When you’re forced to travel out of town for business, or want to get away on a vacation, your house is going to be left unprotected. In order to provide yourself and your family with peace of mind, it is vital to read the definitive guide to home security systems, in order to choose the right system for your needs. The highly innovative Flare system could very well be the system that your home needs. This new security system will be explored in more depth below.

The Basics of The Flare

The BuddyGuard Company has attempted to develop a singular device, which is capable of providing all of the home security solutions needed for a single home. The device, which resembles a UFO, is capable of providing protection to your home and to you yourself. The company’s founder, Herbert Hellemann began developing the innovative security system on his own in 2014. Herbert strived to create a system, which is hassle free, effortless to install and can be used by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

Features of The Flare

There are some excellent features, which make the Flare very intriguing. Below, you will be able to discover some of these features.

  • The device offers self management and doesn’t require the input of alarm codes
  • Totally easy to install. Find a place, stick it on the wall and download the associated application
  • Doesn’t require electricity thanks to highly efficient lithium-ion batteries
  • All transmitted data is encrypted with the most secure technology
  • Wireless and connects to Wi-Fi or cellular network
  • Can detect pets and ignore them for notification purposes
  • You can control the device using your voice, face and even your smartphone

With the information above, you can easily tell that the device is built with convenience and security. It is secure enough to protect your home, but convenient enough to prevent a hassle.

Monitoring and Security Devices

The device is packed full of some very impressive security device, such as an HD 1080p camera, which is capable of recording video and snapping pictures, during potential break-ins. With the motion detector, you can rest assured that nothing will happen in your home, without you knowing about it. The device makes it nearly impossible to tamper with, since it is equipped with an accelerometer. Below, you will find some of the other features of the device.

  • Temperature sensor helps to detect erratic changes in the environment
  • The included microphone allows you to speak directly to the device
  • It is equipped with a loudspeaker, which is capable of emulating the sound of individuals inside of the home, to deter perpetrators
  • During emergencies and break-ins, the device will sound a siren, which will prevent the thief from proceeding further
  • The Lithium-Ion battery, which is rechargeable, can be used as backup in the event of a power outage


With an array of impressive features, such as voice and face recognition, the Flare is certainly intriguing. Whether or not the device will be successful remains to be seen, but it is likely some of its features will be carried over and used for future security systems.

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