FLIR FX Security Cam, FBI Tech In Your Home?

Published: Apr 15, 2015 at 07:00 UTC
FLIR FX Security Cam

Everyone in America realizes that the FBI has some of the most powerful security technology in the world. They rely on this technology to keep the homeland safe and out of the harm of danger.

When you hear that FBI security technology is becoming available to consumers, it should excite you.

With this type of innovative technology, you can drastically improve the overall security of your home, but does it live up to the hype?

Below, you’ll find an overview of the camera’s specifications and capabilities.


What is FLIR Systems?

Anyone, who knows a think or two about government surveillance or army thermal imaging, has likely hear of FLIR. This company is responsible for developing some of the most innovative thermal imaging cameras.

As the name suggests, the company specializes in forward-looking infrared imaging. They actually launched their first product in 1978. The airborne systems were utilized by aircrafts, in order to spot life forms from the sky.

Obviously, this company’s products are capable of being utilized for numerous purposes.

  • Search and Rescue
  • Monitoring mammals and other wildlife
  • Military grade tracking
  • Piloting in low visibility environments
  • Determining energy loss and defects in insulation systems
  • Utilized in the search for drug labs

Now, some of the company’s technologies are available for consumer use.


Flir FX

At first glance, the camera appears to be a Dropcam or a GoPro, but it is actually so much more. With the accompanying iOS and Android app, the consumer will have numerous additional features.

The camera is capable of recording at 1080p and offers an enhanced range of viewing, at 160-degrees. For outside use, the consumer can detach the AC adapter. The internal battery is capable of providing security for approximately four hours, which is much more than the GoPro.

The camera offers numerous setup options, and a couple of recording choices.

Of course, the camera is currently being sold with four individual housings.

  • Home Monitoring
  • Outdoor Weatherproof Housing
  • Waterproof Sports Camera
  • Dashboard Camera for Driving

With these options, the consumer will always be able to find the perfect camera for their specific needs.


Camera Specifications

The camera is capable of offering some very impressive capabilities. As mentioned above, an internal battery will ensure that a power outage doesn’t leave your home vulnerable. Although the camera offers Wi-Fi connectivity, it also has an on-board microSD card. This allows for the camera to record events, even if it loses its Wi-Fi connection.

  • Wi-Fi and Cloud Compatibility
  • HD 1080p Video Recording
  • On-board microSD card
  • Internal Battery
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Ambient Temperature Monitor
  • Humidity Monitor
  • 65 Foot of Night Vision

With these features, it is possible to monitor all aspects of your home, but the camera is more versatile than that. It is possible to utilize the camera for a range of specific uses. With these capabilities, you can rest assured that the camera will suffice for each and every one of your needs.



While the camera itself is superbly powerful, the application is actually more impressive. As soon as it is connected, it’ll detect the specific type of mount or housing used by the camera.

This allows the application to adjust its features and configuration accordingly. One of the most impressive features is the Smartzone.

With this option, it is possible to optimize a specific portion of the camera’s field of view for alerts. This helps to eliminate irrelevant events and only capture those that matter.

As with most modern home security systems, the Cloud is incorporated. Motion video recordings are accessible from the Cloud for 7 to 30 days. With this possibility, the consumer will be able to access these recordings from anywhere in the world. On the downside, additional features are only accessible to those, who are willing to pay monthly fees. As a free or basic user, your storage options will be slightly limited.

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • 2-day recording
  • 3 Rapid Recaps
  • 6-hours of maximum recaps

Upgrades begin at $9.95 a month, with the most expensive being $19.95 per month. This may turn off some individuals.



The RapidRecap allows the homeowner to view a 1-12 hour period of activity or movement, in a short video, by eliminating inactivity and focusing on movement that triggers the camera.

Each movement or event is time stamped, so that you will know exactly, when it occurred and what occurred at that precise time. This will help you view everything that happens, within the camera’s view, without being bothered by stagnation.

The entire field view will be included and the full day’s activity will be visible at once. This makes it possible to see exactly what happened and when.


Remote Viewing Setup

Once you’ve gotten your camera set up, you’ll be able to quickly access it through the mobile application. Simply download the FLIR FX app and scan the camera’s designated QR code.

After this, the camera will need to connect to your Wi-Fi network, but you’ll be able to view live video soon after. With the app, you’ll be able to stream 720p HD video from anywhere in the world.



All in all, the FLIR FX has some astounding innovations that are quite impressive. In fact, it may very well be more effective than a Dropcam for home security purposes.

Still, there are some concerns.

Being able to scan the QR code and access the camera’s feed seems a little too open for some.

The additional fee for more Cloud storage space is also slightly depressing, although it is becoming a trend. Still, some of the camera’s features are helpful, impressive and may very well lead the way into the future.

With the “FBI technology”, you can rest assured that your home will have a little added protection.

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