GE Alarm System, Why Is It So Popular?

Published: Jul 11, 2014 at 16:57 UTC
GE Alarm System, Why Is It So Popular?

Home security companies are sprouting all over the country these days, thanks to the rather distressing frequency of home burglaries and the media focus on horrific home invasion crimes.

While many of these home security providers have specific differences in their offers and their approach to satisfying the market, many of these security companies are in agreement when it comes to the benefits to the end user in offering equipment that comes from GE.

Today, the GE wireless alarm system is everywhere. If you are looking for a home security solution for your property, read on to discover why the GE product has become so popular.

The GE brand is famous

If you are reading this from within the United States, you will undoubtedly know of or at least be familiar with the well-known GE brand.

GE is one of the largest and most recognized brands in the country and beyond, founded in 1892 and listed on the Dow Index when it formed back in 1896.

The GE brand is associated in the minds of consumers with the genius of Thomas Edison, and this largely helps to explain why many security companies are eager to associate with the brand that is known for its respectability and trustworthiness.

For newer providers to the industry attempting to quickly make a name for themselves, being seen as a partner to a world leader in the home technology market, and in particular with the GE home security systems, is one of the smart ways in which to do it.

GE Security division was actually acquired by United Technologies, so you can read more about GE security products from their website http://www.interlogix.com/

GE Partnership with Alarm.com

Alarm.com is a pioneer in the home security industry, and GE had the foresight to become partners with them very early in their foray into the home security market.

As a result of this business cooperation, the GE security system incorporates secure cellular monitoring which is a much more effective proposition than the standard internet and landline monitoring solutions.

This partnership has paved the way for creating smarter interactive security services for which the GE wireless security system is becoming known.

The GE Simon XT wireless security system

Despite the availability of home security products from which you can choose, the system that is making headway with shoppers right now is the GE Simon XT.

For good reason, this system is fast becoming a favorite with the leading home security companies in the country like FrontPoint Security and Protect America who use the security system hardware manufactured by GE.

Choose either of these home security companies using GE Simon XT and you can expect to receive a helpful tracking event log, additional zones as well as the option to incorporate four calling phone numbers for intrusion alerts.

While it is at the discretion of each provider as to what they will include within their GE wireless home security system packages, the system itself is receiving rave reviews from the nation’s leading home security companies including Frontpoint security, who openly admits that the GE components have superior quality and reliability.

If you are looking for more information for General electric alarm system, here is our guide where you can find more information for the companies that use GE home security system devconhomesecurity.com.

It also gives you more resources to read more about GE simon XT reviews for the companies such as FrontPoint Security and Protect America which are some of the biggest companies using GE alarm system right now.

Official verification of GE superiority

The GE Simon security system has met the independent certification standards (UL, CP01, SIA, etc.) for their ease of use by customers as well as for their contribution to reducing the frequency of recorded false alarm signaling.

This means that the GE home alarm system is popular with independent authorities, industry providers and home security customers.

The future of the GE wireless alarm system 

GE is continuing to progress its march forward in the home security market. Advances are already occurring with the Simon XT model that is set to make it as one of the most feature-rich gadgets in the industry.

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