General Information On Wireless Security Cameras

Published: Apr 07, 2014 at 15:00 UTC
General Information On Wireless Security Cameras

Every day, we are seeing a rise in the video surveillance trend. Wireless security cameras have made it really simple to provide safety to your family even when you are far away..

Video surveillance is growing and expanding every day. Protecting your property or possessions has never been quite this simple. You never have to feel any anxiety when leaving your property, knowing you cannot be two places at once. Thanks to wireless security cameras you can leave your property, but still keep a watchful eye.

Choosing a Wireless Security Camera

When choosing a security system, one might decide to look at a wireless security camera. These systems usually need only one wire or cable to get power. In some cases however, wireless security systems can be completely wireless. These systems are completely battery powered. This proves to be very convenient when setting up your security system, at home or at the office.

The Technology

Thanks to ever expanding technology, video surveillance has now also become wireless. Wireless devises have become a very popular way of living. . In the case of a wireless security camera, it can prove to be much cheaper than other security cameras as there are no pricy extension cables that need to be run in order to get video surveillance. Normal wired cameras cannot be installed in and at all locations, where a wireless security camera can be installed almost anywhere. They are easy to install if the correct procedure is followed. The system has a high fail rate on first installation, but this is mostly due to installers that do not take the correct precautions. One must read the instructions on installing a wireless security camera thoroughly before starting the installation. Even though most failure problems can be solved, the process of doing so might be quite costly.


A great benefit of a wireless security camera is that it can catch intruders, or lets you watch different locations from a very far distance. The system can also be monitored from more than 100 meters away. When looking at a wireless security camera, you will find that there are two types to choose from. You get an Overt system and a Covert system. Cover systems are hidden cameras that are commonly used to monitor nannies and housekeepers. This is to ensure that your belongings at your property are safe when you are not there. Overt systems on the other hand are cameras that are clearly visible to all. They are commonly used in public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, casinos, or to monitor traffic control.

How It Looks

A wireless security camera is normally small and instead of recording, it sends images via signal to a receiving device. The device can be no further away than 152 meters (this also depends on the make and model).Whatever your needs are concerning a wireless security camera, there will be something available that will suit your needs and more importantly, your budget. The main attractions of the wireless security system are that it is easy to use, affordable, neat and highly effective.
There are kits available to turn your wired camera into a wireless camera. So if you do not have the funds to buy a new wireless security camera, there is the alternative. Just make sure that you follow the instructions right to the last point.

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