The Great Features Of The Latest Video Baby Monitors

Published: May 19, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
The Great Features Of The Latest Video Baby Monitors

The latest features on video baby monitors have made them a perfect monitoring device for every family with a little baby.

There was a time when you had to hold an antenna in your hand and hear the beeping sound to locate your baby. The new video baby monitors have made the monitoring task quite easier. Instead of hearing the beeping sound or relying on the audio from your baby’s room, you can now watch your baby as he/she sleeps, cries, plays and smiles. When you are out looking for video baby monitors, make sure to go for the latest ones with the newest technology on them. The new technology has made them better and more reliable. Here are some of the improvements in technology and their benefits on video baby monitors.

The New And Improved Cameras

Video baby monitors now come with new and improved cameras that make your job easier by giving you clear video and visuals of your baby. These cameras provide you with better quality of video with better frame rates. They also have night vision technologies on them so you are able to see your baby even when all the lights are switched off. Another great feature you will find on the new cameras is the zoom feature. Furthermore, look for cameras that have a better field of view so you can view the entire room of your baby at one glance.

The Better Wi-Fi Connectivity

New video baby monitors have improved Wi-Fi connectivity as well. You don’t have to be sitting on your computer all the time to see the video from your baby’s room. You can easily have the camera on your baby monitor connected to your smartphone with the help of Wi-Fi signals in the house. This makes video baby monitors greatly practical for active parents who are always moving in the house doing one thing or another. Make sure that you pick the monitoring system that’s compatible with your smartphone since there are some that are only compatible or iOS devices and others with only the Android devices.

The Video Recording Option

One of the many great options if the video recording options you get with latest video baby monitors. Sometimes you feel the need of recording the video of your baby and keeping it as a memory. This is only possible when you have a recording device available. The good thing is that many companies selling video baby monitors now provide the cloud storage service too. This means all the data recorded by your baby monitoring cameras is recorded and can be accessed by you within seconds. You can use your computer, laptop or smartphone to watch the recorded videos from the cloud whenever you want.

The Sound And Motion Alerts

The best thing about the newest video baby monitors is that they have combined the great features of all the previously existing baby monitors. For example, the audio baby monitors worked and sent you notifications when it heard a noise in the room of your baby. This option has now been integrated on your video baby monitors and in addition to that your baby monitor sends you notifications whenever it senses motion in the room. You can always decide the sensitivity of your monitoring system so it only sends you a notification when the motion or noise in the room has reached a particular level you have specified in the settings of the system.

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