Hardwired Vs. Wireless Security System

Published: Mar 25, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
Hardwired Vs. Wireless Security System

Owning a wireless security system is the best option because it is beneficial in terms of adaptability, accessibility, installation, repair and effectiveness.

Everyone is aware that it is a pleasant experience to be a proud owner of a traditional wired home security system. This security system is designed to keep trespassers at bay and keep the house secure and safe from any other potential risk and threat. Having said that, how about going a little advanced this time around and opting for a wireless security system instead? The old-school security systems might have been effective, but they weren’t without their problems. Nonetheless, as wireless systems aren’t very old, people don’t know which system to choose for ensuring the right degree of security in their homes. The ideal way to make a decision is to compare both hardwired and wireless security systems and then choose whatever meets their requirements.


Both hardwired and wireless burglar alarm systems have benefits and detriments associated with them. Consumers who are careful will check around to see what type of alarm system will fit their needs in the best possible way and will provide adequate protection to their home, family and belongings.


Hard wired burglar alarm systems are defined as those that have to be wired from the master control panel to every security device that’s attached to the system. This means that drilling will have to be done through the walls for installing each device. In contrast, a wireless security system simply depends on radio waves that are sent form every security device and sensor to the master control panel. Thus, this is an indication that no drilling of any sort is required in this system.


A certified technician will have to be hired for the purpose of installing a hard wired burglar alarm. The installation process is also time consuming because drilling has to be done for attaching the wires and the sensors together. As opposed to these systems, there is no need for a certified technician for installing a wireless security system as the end user can also install it without any expertise. Moreover, less time is consumed in the installation of these systems because they don’t involve complex installation of wires.


The maintenance required by hard wired security systems is little to minimum. However, people have to take precautions such as ensuring that no wire is exposed or else people will trip over the wires. Children also have to be kept away as it is dangerous for them to be near the device. Similarly, maintaining wireless systems is also easy for individuals. There is no worry about wires and tripping, but homeowners have to consider when to replace the batteries in the control panel and the sensors. Generally, these batteries are known to last for a few years.


When residents decide to move, they have no other choice, but to leave the hard wired systems at home. The advantage of these systems will be that they will be a selling point for the home. In contrast, a wireless security system can prove to be a great choice because they can be taken when moving. The system can be easily carried from one location to another and can be used to provide the desired protection to the new home.

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