Home Automation Ideas for Your Home Security System

Published: Aug 24, 2014 at 09:19 UTC
Home Automation Ideas for Your Home Security System

One of the best features of modern wireless home security systems today is that many of them can work well with automated home fixtures.

This should not be too surprising, if you think about it. Home security systems usually consist of a central control panel overseeing and controlling various sensors and cameras.

It is therefore just a small step to include home fixtures as well. Following are some home automation ideas you should consider.


Lights are always a popular consideration when it comes to home automation ideas.

When your lights are connected to your home security system, they can work to deter burglars from entering your home. For example, you can program them to turn on and off at certain times so that would-be burglars are not aware that you are out of home or away on vacation.

If a burglar tries to enter your home, regardless if you are there, the lights can activate when a sensor is tripped to frighten the intruder away.

Of course, you can also program your lights so that they turn themselves off when no one is around.

Electronic outside doors

One reliable way to protect your home is to have deadbolts on every door that leads to the outside.

Deadbolts are notoriously difficult to jimmy.

Additionally, you can make them smart and programmable by using your security system to control it.

If you are far from your home and worrying whether or not you locked your doors, you can check their status with your smartphone.

This is one of the very good home automation ideas because if they are not yet locked, then you can use your smartphone to lock them.

Electronic inside doors

Home automation ideas are equally as relevant to internal doors. When you have guests or tradesmen, your home security system can notify you when these doors are opened when you leave them unlocked.

As a plus, you can also connect them to your lights so that the lights turn on when you open a door to a room; you no longer have to grope for a switch when you enter a room.


While this may not really have any security functions, it’s also nice when the thermostat is tied into your home security control system.

That means you can program them or control them remotely through a web browser or your smartphone.

Some smart thermostats can even use the motion sensors to help fine-tune the temperature, and they may even measure humidity and the ambient light.

Home automation ideas on the rise

With home automation features for security systems, you can control a larger portion of your home appliances and devices.

You can then program them to turn on and off according to your preferences and habits.

You can also control them remotely, so that you can program them even while you are at work or on vacation.

With home automation features, your home is not only much better protected, but you can conserve energy as well.

Home automation is a growing business, and it is simply a winning situation for you and your family.

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