Home Automation and Security For Mobile Devices and Seniors Living Alone

Published: Sep 24, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
Home Automation and Security For Mobile Devices

Seniors, who opt to live alone, are able to maintain a degree of independence, which simply isn’t available in the nursing home. Unfortunately, these individuals place themselves in harm’s way, when they make this decision. Over the course of many years, companies around the world have gone above and beyond to alleviate these risks as much as possible. With home automation and security for mobile devices and medical alert systems, such as LifeFone, more elderly people can remain at home with fewer risks. Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll take a look at some of the top medical alert systems on the market.

Benefits Of Home Automation And Medical Alert Systems

When opting to live alone, you’re truly putting yourself in a dangerous situation. The risks are enormous and they can originate from inside the home, but they can also come from outside. With home automation and security for mobile devices, the risks can be diminished substantially. Throw in a medical alert system, such as Rescue Alert, and the peace of mind is increased immensely. For your consideration, the biggest benefits of these technologies will be provided below.

• Can help to prevent strangers from entering the home

• Provides your loved one with immediate access to help

• Delivers reminders, so your parent always takes their medication

• Fall detection can provide help in the event of an emergency

• Allows loved ones to monitor the senior throughout the day and night


Of course, it is absolutely essential to remember that the market is overflowing with home automation and security for mobile devices and they’re all different. In order to reap the aforementioned benefits, you’ll need to find the right device for your specific situation. Below, you’ll learn more about some of the best products on the market for independent seniors.

The Kanega Watch

Home Automation and Security For Mobile DevicesWhen remaining inside the home, a good medical alert system, such as the one from LifeFone, can effectively keep your parent safe. Unfortunately, the mass majority of these products do not offer extensive range. Once your loved one has exited the home, the device’s effectiveness will become nonexistent. This is where the Kanega Watch enters the picture. This waterproof watch is incredibly stylish and it can be utilized anywhere in the world. Whenever your loved one travels into the world, the Kangea watch will go with them and keep them save along the way.

Of course, the benefits of this product do not stop there. The Kanega offers an array of beneficial features, which will be provided below.

•Reminders to take your medications

•Receive voice activated directions

•Equipped with fall detection technology

•Can deliver emergency assistance within minutes

•Capable of guiding your loved one home

This watch is definitely a must for children of parents, who like to leave their homes frequently. The watch will provide them with an extra layer of security no matter where they go.

Hero Health Pill Dispenser

home automation and security for mobile devicesThe mass majority of home automation and security for mobile devices are not specifically designed for seniors. However, there are a few rarities, which can be very advantageous for these individuals. Hero Health’s Pill Dispenser definitely fits into that category. This specific product is designed for those that have a difficult time remembering to take their medications. The Hero can quickly familiarize itself with your daily schedule, so it’ll know instantly when you take your pills and vitamins.

The gadget’s screen shows the time of the day and the specific pills that will be dispensed at that time. Your parent will only need to push a button, in order to gain access to their medications. And, the Hero also provides loved ones of these individuals will peace of mind, by sending them notifications. Once your mother or father has taken their medications, the Hero will let you know about it via text message. This will also give you the ability to take action, if your mother skips her pills. The Hero might not keep out an intruder, but it definitely delivers added reassurance.

Presence Pro Care

People Power might not be the best recognized company in the world, but they hope to be able to change that within the coming years. The company intends to force consumers to think about their loved ones and the dangers they face living at home. Don’t worry! They have a solution to these problems, with their Presence Pro Care System. This is definitely one of the most innovative home automation and security for mobile devices in quite some time. This specific system looks and behaves like a home automation system, but it caters to the precise needs of independent seniors. Below, you’ll find a list of items, which are included in the system.

•Pill dispenser



•Emergency button

home automation and security for mobile devicesEach of these components work together to provide your loved one with a safer, more secure environment than ever before. The associated application takes things even further. It provides the user with the ability to make video calls to their parent, while also receiving alerts. The system can learn your parent’s normal routine. If they happen to stray from that routine, you’ll be notified about it, so you can check on your loved one and make sure they’re okay.

The emergency button works similarly to a medical alert system, but there is one difference. Instead of notifying a monitoring center, which will alert emergency crews, the Presence Pro Care is capable of alarming a group of individuals. It can contact you, a sister or brother, and a caregiver. All in all, the Presence Pro Care is definitely an impressive device, which could very well deliver the peace of mind that you require to sleep soundly throughout the night. And even more surprisingly is the fact that the system is affordable.


At the end of the day, allowing your loved one to live alone is a nice thought, but it can also be downright frightening. By embracing technology and utilizing some of the innovative devices above, you will be able to better protect your loved one, while putting your nerves to rest. Just remember to inspect your options and figure out precisely what is needed for your loved one, since each senior’s situation is different.

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