Home Automation Security And Monitoring Help Seniors Obtain Independence

Published: May 31, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
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Allowing your parents to live alone without a caregiver takes a lot of courage. Sometimes though, this is not your decision. Some parents can be incredibly stubborn and they may refuse to enter a senior living facility. If you’ve been forced to confront this reality, you’ll want to try and setup an environment, which will be safe and secure for your parent. For many,  this will mean investing in a medical alert system, but ignoring home automation security and monitoring would be a critical mistake. Are these devices capable of providing a senior with the independence they desire and deserve? You’ll examine this question below.

 Risks Galore

 When an elderly individual begins living alone, they put themselves in immediate danger. These risks can be compounded immensely, if this individual suffers from a debilitating or life-altering disease, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Below, you’ll discover some of the potential risks that these seniors will face.

  • Alzheimer’s patients may wander outside of their homes and face outside risks
  • A stranger could be allowed into the home and your parent may have no way to protect him or herself
  • There could be a slip and fall and your parent may not be able to access help
  • The senior might skip taking their pills, which are needed to remain healthy


The thought of each and every one of these problems will give you enormous concerns. By embracing the home automation security and monitoring technology, it’ll be possible to diminish the potential for the aforementioned accidents.

 What Can Home Automation Security And Monitoring Do?

home automation security and monitoringAgain, you might want to invest in a medical alert system. This is still a good idea, but a home automation system should be coupled with this device. A home automation system is capable of providing the homeowner with a more convenient, reliable and cost effective home environment. For your senior parent, the system will create an environment, which will be completely monitored from floor to ceiling. Although it will depend on how you setup the system, it will be possible to keep an eye on the home’s lights, locks, electronics, and even pill dispensers.

When the Internet of Things and home monitoring enter the picture, the functionality is extended even further. With these, the system will be able to deliver immediately access into your home via cameras. Secondly, it would be possible to monitor your parent’s status and location at all times. The possibilities are endless, but the effectiveness of the system depends on you and your knowledge of the various home automation security and monitoring devices.

Connected Cameras

There is truly an abundance of different products that could be added to your automation system. For someone, who wishes to keep a close eye on their loved one, utilizing cameras is a necessity. Newer cameras are capable of sending alerts, whenever motion is detected. This helps to ensure that these devices will be able to serve an array of purposes. First and foremost, the cameras will deliver a live video feed into and outside of the home. It is possible for you to access this feed directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Also, the camera can monitor motion and send directly alerts, when it is detected. By placing a camera outside of your parent’s front door, you’ll always know when someone attempts to enter, as well as when your parent tries to leave. This can prevent someone with dementia from wandering off and getting injured.

Fall Detection

Again, in terms of providing protection to an elderly individual, it is often best to pair medical alert systems with home automation products. Medical alert companies, such as Safe Guardian and American Medical Alarms, offer innovative products, which are capable of detecting falls. This is definitely a must for elderly individuals living alone. Some of the devices are capable of detecting falls on their own and this will require no response from your parent.

Others, such as LifeFone, provide the elderly with an easy-to-use button, which will put them in touch with the authorities immediately. With this device, fall detection is optional, but for you, it is a necessity. Make sure your automation system works well with your medical alert system and your parent’s home will truly become a safe haven.

Home Security Monitors

home automation security and monitoring.jpgAs mentioned above, home automation is capable of monitoring the home from floor to ceiling. Much of this should be credited to monitors and sensors. These devices are often associated with security systems, but they can also be used with your automation system and they should be in this type of situation. With the right sensors, it will be possible to protect your aging parent from an array of different dangers, including those inside the home and outside factors as well.

How does it work? Well, the process couldn’t be simpler. By purchasing and installing the right sensors throughout the home, you’ll be able to monitor your parent’s condition, location and their home. Window sensors and door sensors can be utilized to prevent your parent from leaving their home, without your knowledge. This can also prevent strangers from entering their home.

Leak sensors are a good way to monitor pipes and water related equipment, such as a water heater. These devices can prevent damage to the home, while also keeping your parent safe. All of these sensors should be paired together, in order to keep an incredibly safe environment and to greatly decrease the potential for accidents.


 Although some of the products are fairly new, you should also consider investing in connected pill dispensers. Since many individuals are required to take pills each and every day, in order to remain health, these products could be a lifesaver. Connected pill dispensers can be monitored directly through your automation system and you’ll receive alerts, when your parent has failed to take their medication. This will give you the ability to spring into action and send your parent a reminder.


All in all, children, who are forced to deal with a stubborn parent, should definitely embrace technology and utilize it to create a protective environment for their loved one. The right type of technology can better protect your loved one, while also keeping you in the know at all times! This is precisely where home automation security and monitoring enter the picture. Be sure to investigate the subject more thoroughly today.


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