Home Invasions Against Single Women Growing – What You Can Do

Published: Dec 28, 2015 at 08:32 UTC
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Home invasions are nothing new. If you’re never been the victim of a home invasion, you should consider yourself lucky.

In the past few weeks, numerous news stories have surfaced of vicious criminals and thugs invading the privacy of single women.

Just this year, an 81-year-old female was attacked and killed in her Amherst County home. The news report indicates that the woman was not alone and her son was also badly injured, during the event.

This confirms that the perpetrators do not care about the sanctity of life, as long as they get their score.


The story becomes even more frightening, when the vile thugs target teenagers. A recent news report out of Tarrant, Alabama describes the unthinkable, when a man forced his way into a stranger’s home and sexually assaulted a teenage girl!

This undoubtedly confirms the fact that women are targets and need to take additional steps to keep themselves safe in today’s society.


Some single women believe they can improve their safety, by teaming up with a female friend. A recent story out of Sacramento, California begs to differ.

Two women were relaxing in their condo, when three armed men entered and an altercation occurred. Fortunately, nobody was serious injured, but the women will never be the same and the mental anguish they suffer will be enormous.


What You Can Do?

With the recent string of frightening news stories above, it is absolutely vital for all single women to better protect themselves from strangers and acquaintances alike. These crimes are on the rise and you’re not safe even in your own home!

This is why you should protect your home, in order to better improve your personal safety.

Below, you will find a list of actions that should be taken right away.

      • Install a motion detection light outside of your home
      • Protect your doors and windows with alarms
      • Install deadbolt locks on all of your exterior doors
      • Get a guard dog
      • Protect your home with a security camera
      • Consider purchasing a home security system to consistently monitor your home

Although some of these actions can be costly, nothing is more costly than your life! Plus, each and every one of them will enhance your peace of mind and give you the ability to sleep better at night.


Protect Yourself With A Security System

If you happen to live in a crime-ridden area, you will want to take things to the extreme and install a security system in your home. There are several options here and you will want to consider each.

Below, these will be broken down for your convenience.


#1 Installing A DIY Monitored Home Security System

There are various monitored home security systems that you can install on your own. Although you will typically need to pay a monthly fee, this can still save you money, since you’ll perform the installation yourself.

At the same time, these systems can be exceptionally effective and will guarantee that a guardian angel will watch over you, at all times.


If this peaks your interest, you should definitely check out FrontPoint Security. They offer the #1 rated home security system and it is incredibly easy to install.

For more information Click Here to read customer reviews and see how to contact FrontPoint. The company offers a free quote and a 30-day 100% risk free trial!


The second best option in this category is Protect America. The company offers affordable prices, quick setup and 24/7 monitoring. Their services start at just $19.99 a month and will definitely enhance your home’s security dramatically. Click Here to read customer reviews and learn how to contact Protect America.


#2 A Professionally Installed And Monitored Home Security System

If you’re looking for the most convenient option available and don’t mind splurging, you should hire a professional. With their assistance, your security system will be installed properly and will be tested thoroughly, before they leave.


ADT is one of the most best known residential security companies worldwide. It not only provides customers with top-notch security services, but it also offers innumerable monitoring services. Both of these services are necessary in order to fully protect your home from fire, burglary, and carbon monoxide toxicity. If you are interested in this type of coverage Click Here to read customer reviews and see how to contact ADT.


#3 Considering A DIY System, without Monitoring

If you’re low on money, but still want to protect your home and yourself, you’ll want to consider a DIY home security system, without monitoring. The Dropcam can be an excellent option. It’ll give you the ability to keep your home safe, but won’t provide as much security as the systems mentioned above.



At the end of the day, all single women need to go above and beyond to keep themselves safe.

By using the right home security system, you will be able to alert the appropriate authorities in the event of an attack.

The information above can help save your life!

Don’t think anymore, it’s time to Act!


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