An In Depth Look At Who Is Watching Your Home Security Camera

Published: Sep 16, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
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Today, millions of homes are being monitored daily by home security cameras. With this being said, there are rumors floating around about an extra set of eyes viewing your live video stream. This can be very disturbing for any homeowner, since it is an illegal action that invades one’s privacy. Below, you will find more information about home video surveillance and a study completed by ABC27. Is big brother watching you?

Privacy Risks

John Sancenito, president of the INA security firm based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Sancenito takes a deeper look at the security level of various home security systems installed in homes located throughout the vicinity. He admits to being able to log into some of these security systems and the process was so simple that anyone could pull it off, even predators, hackers, and thieves. Not only was Sancentito capable of viewing a live video stream of the surrounding properties, but he was able to watch individuals inside of their home, doing their daily chores. This is a disturbing revelation that would put anyone that owns one of these surveillance systems on the edge.

  • Home invasion
  • Shared data
  • Potential for millions of viewers
  • Dangerous for kids and other family members


Data Storage

Many security systems are now offering Cloud storage, which appears to be more secure than the other storage options. Again, Sancenito begins to dig deep into several of the system’s archives and was amazed to discover that he could very easily access stored videos and images. Many homeowners are unaware of the insecurity revolving around these systems, so they continue to carry on with their daily routine, without giving it a second thought.

Who Is Watching You?

You will find various websites that are designed with the intention of providing global Internet users with a link to your live video stream for a small fee. When it comes down to it, you truly never know how many viewers are tuned into your stream simultaneously. You could be walking around nude, while being watched by literally hundreds of viewers, without your knowledge. The answer to, “Who is watching you” is genuinely unknown and you may never discover this troubling revelation.

Publicizing Your Personal Information

If global viewers are monitoring your activity via your live video stream, they may also be working diligently to find out where you reside, your name, phone number, physical address, and other confidential data. Once this information is found, it will be shared with everyone that decides to invade your privacy. It is unknown what these criminals will do with your information, who knows they may try to sell it to an online hacker.

Protecting Yourself

Creepy, yes! Sancenito says that there is only one step that homeowners can take that will fully secure their surveillance system. This involves password protecting your system, which can be completed in a matter of seconds, just by accessing the system interface. It makes one question why security companies that specialize in surveillance system installation, maintenance, and sales would not take the time to explain this simple process to all their customers. It appears that securitizing the system will totally be left on the shoulders of the homeowner, but what if they are unaware of this revelation?

Research, Research, Research

If you are yet to invest in a security camera, you should not rule them out altogether, because they are crucial for home security. Instead, you should take the time to do thorough research on these devices and learn how to protect your privacy, before investing. This only makes sense and if your value your privacy, you will take whatever steps necessary to ensure it.

Setting Your Password

Mr. Sancenito has some great recommendations that will come in handy, when you are creating your personal password. Utilize a variety of letter, including upper and lowercase, with several numbers. It also helps to utilize special characters such as “@, _, and *”. The stranger your password seems, the stronger it will be, so hopefully online scammers will not be able to tap into your security system.


Home security cameras are gaining in popularity daily. There is no better way to ensure the safety of your property and family than with one of these systems. Do not allow those online hackers to control your life and prevent you making a decision that could potentially end up saving your life.

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