Home Security Isn’t a Subject That You Can Afford To Overlook

Published: May 04, 2015 at 08:10 UTC
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Heidi Quezada learned the hard way that home security products are not an area where it is wise to skimp. Despite having installed some security cameras around her house, she found herself last week hiding in a locked closet while a burglar ransacked her home.

Although the app on her phone allowed her to see the intruder via the video camera feeds, her security system was lacking a critical component: monitoring by any of the available home security companies that would have registered the alarm and sent immediate help.

Instead, Quezada had to call 911 from her closet (negating her ability to watch the burglar while she used the phone) and the police response arrived only after she had scared off the intruder by screaming when he tried the closet door.

While it’s true that the video camera feed alerted her to the intruder (and allowed her to capture his face for police) it did nothing in the way of prevention or protection, which is what she needed most.


Inadequate Home Security Provides a False Sense of Security

Like Quezada, many people imagine their homes are secure because they lock their doors, or own a dog, or put up a few video cameras. In actual fact, a determined burglar can easily circumvent all of these supposed obstacles. Although locking your door is certainly an important component of solid security, it’s not enough by itself.

Security experts offer a range of home security tips, ranging from the basics of securing entry points to the bigger project of installing home security devices with a professional monitoring system. Most of these experts would advise against undertaking DIY home security, except in cases of DIY installation of equipment for a professional system.

For anyone who remains skeptical about the benefits of paying a security company to monitor your home alarm system, the story above should be grounds for reconsidering.

Although the homeowner had felt she was safe with her camera coverage, she certainly learned the hard way that cameras don’t actually deter a determined intruder. Given that this burglar clearly had no qualms about being seen, there was nothing else standing in the way of his entry and robbery.

Statistics tracked by the FBI confirm that a U.S. home is burgled every 15 seconds. With that sobering statistic in mind, it is not a good idea to assume (as many people do) that “it won’t happen to me,” or “the odds are against it.”

The actual odds are fairly frightening. So what can a homeowner do to ensure their house won’t be targeted?


Bring a Reputable Professional Security System Onboard

Not all home security systems are “created equal,” so to speak, so it is important to do your research and bring a reputable and established firm onboard to see to your home security.

Factors to consider in assessing security systems include:

  • Track record and reputation: Choose a company that has proven itself and gets great reviews from actual consumers.
  • Response time: You certainly don’t want to find yourself cowering in a closet while the minutes tick by and a burglar is making free with your belongings. Research the average response time for a security company responding to an alarm.
  • Available equipment: Every home and apartment has its unique challenges and weaknesses, and you want to be sure the equipment that comes with your security system will cover your home’s vulnerabilities.
  • Price: Home security is not an area where you want to cut corners at the cost of your safety, but you do want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Compare the prices and services of different companies before you make a commitment.

There are few experiences that make a person feel more violated than having the sanctity of their home defiled. Particularly when the safety of family members (not just possessions) might be on the line, home security is an issue to take seriously.

You don’t need to resort to loaded firearms or deadly tactics to keep yourself safe; a professional security system combined with common sense precautions can do the job.



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