Homeowners – Burglars HATE When You Do These 5 Things

Published: Apr 04, 2015 at 08:34 UTC
Burglars HATE When You Do These 5 Things

You know that feeling when you go to grab something from the fridge… only to open the door and realize that you actually ended up eating it yesterday? It’s awful. You’re looking forward to something, and then you’re crushed.

When you have these seven security measures, burglars feel the exact same way. They’re all psyched to rob your house… and then crushed that you’ve done the smart thing.


#1 – You have a dog barking

By itself, a dog’s bark isn’t that big of a deal to a burglar. After all, dogs aren’t that big… it’s a horrible thought, but it wouldn’t be that hard for a burglar to subdue a dog with a weapon (or even something a little more humane like a steak).

The thing that irks burglars is that with every dogs bark comes a pissed off homeowner. If a dog is barking, he’s soon accompanied by a homeowner in the same room, dropping everything that he was doing, trying to shut him up.

And burglars hate drawing attention to themselves from homeowners.

So yeah, burglars hate dogs.


#2 – You have surveillance cameras

In almost all states, getting robbed and being able to produce video evidence of a suspect is almost always enough to convict a burglar. Put some surveillance cameras up around the exterior of your house and burglars will think long and hard before going inside.

Here’s why: security cameras aren’t all CCTV footage. Many of the newer, more advanced cameras will feed directly into a steam that lives in the cloud. This means that if a burglar gets spotted and removes the camera, there will still be footage of him on your property.

And he’s thinking… are there more cameras inside? Will one spot me before I realize that it has? Will I be able to remove the footage, or will that footage already be uploaded somewhere instantly?

So yeah, burglars hate visible surveillance cameras of all shapes and sizes.


#3 – Your lights turn on automatically

Burglars have two ways of keeping themselves unseen – darkness and weather. Weather is pretty self-explanatory – there are going to be far fewer people outside when it’s snowing and 10 degrees than when it’s warm and 70 degrees.

Darkness is also self-explanatory – at night, no one can see hooded figures moving in and out of the shadows. In fact, according to Crime Doctor, the vast majority of burglaries happen at night.

So near your doors and windows, make it day time! You can get motion-sensor lights for well under $100. When someone approaches a door or window, they’ll automatically blast that person with light.

Chances are, if a burglar is trying to rob your house in the darkness and finds himself glowing like it’s high noon, he’ll scamper off quickly.

So yeah, burglars hate motion-sensor lights.

(On top of that, those types of lights are actually pretty convenient for getting around your house at night – it’s a win win!)


#4 – Your lawn looks good

That guy who’s constantly out of town, traveling for business? His yard is probably going to look like crap. That family who’s usually home, enjoying the sunny days in the yard? Their yard is probably going to look trimmed and pristine.

By having a trimmed yard, in the burglar’s mind, you use your house a lot. And burglars hate robbing houses when the occupants are inside – it makes it that much easier for something to go wrong and them to be caught.

So yeah, burglars hate nice lawns.

And on top of that, not having overgrown shrubs or trees serves a second purpose – the burglar can’t hide anywhere while checking out your house, so to neighbors and others walking by your house, it’s much clearer when someone is snooping around.


#5 – There are vehicles in the driveway

The easiest, most basic way for any burglar to assess if your home is by looking at your driveway. Assuming that you don’t have a garage, the number of cars will almost always correlate to how many people are home. Of course, there are always exceptions to this, but for the most part, at least one car means that at least one person is home. And as we discussed before, burglars dislike it when people are home.

So yeah, burglars hate vehicles in your driveway.

When you go away on vacation, try to leave at least one car at home. If you can’t, ask a neighbor or friend if he or she would be okay with temporarily parking in it. If you live in a busy area where parking spots are as valuable as gold, most will jump at the opportunity! (If you’re going to be away for a week or more, you can even consider charging for the privilege.)

And there you have it – five things that burglars absolutely hate. Try to do all of them – with a home security system on top of your preventative measures, you can make sure that you and your family are 100% safe.

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