How Much Home Security System Cost – Facts and Figures

Published: Apr 02, 2016 at 08:00 UTC

As a homeowner, it is absolutely imperative to safeguard your investment. There are a handful of techniques that can add to your home investment. Adding homeowner’s insurance is a great choice, but you should not ignore the potential of a home security system. Many people are swayed in the other direction, due to the initial cost of one of these systems. This is simply a mistake and could result in future losses. Within this guide, you will learn more about the value and cost of a home security system.

Decreased Insurance

Before getting into the price of a system, it is essential to learn how the system can help you save money. The upfront cost might be a shocker, but a security system can actually save you money over a period of time. Once you have a system installed on your home, you can likely negotiate with your home insurance company for a lower premium. Some will be able to receive a discount of up to 20%! Over a period of time, the system will pay for itself.

Endless Peace of Mind

Next, you should consider your own peace of mind. Do you have difficulty sleeping at night, because you worry about someone breaking into your home? While you’re at work, do you find yourself frequently worrying about the safety of your loved ones? The installation of security system could potential put an end to your worries. This type of peace of mind and reassurance is invaluable.

Stolen Belongings

Some individuals have high quality valuables in their homes. Although some items might not be so valuable, they can still hold a great amount of sentimental value. If someone breaks into your home and makes off with these items, you may never see them again. The average loss of a single burglary is over $2,000! The security system can help you reclaim your items and put the thief behind bars! Therefore, the overall cost could be considered a moot point, when you consider everything you have to lose.

How Much Home Security System Cost

Despite all of the information presented above, it is still difficult to ignore the price of a security system. It is essential to know that a handful of factors will help to determine the overall cost. These will be listed below.

  • Brand
  • Type of system
  • Type of monitoring
  • Size of your home
  • Devices you desire

It is difficult to put an average price on home security systems, since there are so many variables at play. If you’re worried about the cost of a home security system, you should think again. By adjusting and manipulating the factors above, it is possible to choose your own price in a sense. For instance, installing and monitoring the system on your can help you lower the price significantly.


Many homeowners will leave their homes unprotected, due to the price of a security system. This is a major mistake. Technology has helped to make these systems much more affordable and it would be foolish not to have one now! Above, you have found information, which can help you purchase a more affordable system and it would be wise to use it to your advantage.

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