How Social Media Can Hurt Your Home Security

Published: Aug 05, 2015 at 08:01 UTC

Over the past few years, mobile devices have made it easier for individuals to interact with their friends and family. Although many use text messages, others rely on social media. Social media has a variety of different purposes, such as chatting, staying connected and updating your friends and family members. Of course, these websites aren’t all fun and games! In order to ensure that you do not put yourself at risk, it is vital to use these websites carefully. When you use social media incorrectly, you will ultimately put yourself at risk. Below, you will discover the potential dangers of social media.

Types of Social Media Sites

Truthfully, there are numerous social media websites, but not all of them are overly popular. Only a handful of these sites have gained enough steam to gain mainstream popularity. In most likelihood, you’re a member of one of the three most popular social media networks, which are listed below.

  • MySpace
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

When used incorrectly, each can be as dangerous as the next!

Vacation Updates

There is no doubt that you’re going to be extremely excited when you’re preparing for a vacation. Although you can potentially burglar-proof your home with a home security system, it won’t make much of a difference if your security camera is compromised. By alerting all of your friends and family members, you may also be inadvertently alerting a potential burglar to this information.

If these individuals know that you’re going to be away, they’ll have a much easier time breaking into your home. They’ll feel more comfortable, since they’ll know nobody is home. Never give this information out, because it could potentially put your belongings at risk.

Private Settings

If you have a social media account, you should consider making it private. This will limit viewers to only those that you invite to be your friend will have access to your personal data. It is vital that you routinely update your private settings, as well. While this will not protect you completely, it certainly can help. There are millions of individuals that utilize these sites daily, so if you do not want everyone to view your videos, personal posts, and photos, you should make your account private.

Compromising Pictures

Everyone loves to share pictures on their social media accounts, but some do so carelessly. If you’re not careful, you could potentially compromise your home’s security, by posting the wrong pictures. It is a terrible idea to post pictures showing off your security camera! Posting too many pictures of your home’s exterior and interior can be bad, as well! This will be inviting criminals into your home. It will only give them more information to plan their burglary.

ID Theft

Many social media users are too lenient with their accounts. They will freely post their real name, birthdates, and phone numbers on their account, where everyone can easily see it. This is a huge “NO, NO”, because many hackers light up social media websites. They are always on the prowl for this personal information, so they can steal your identity.

If a hacker gets your id, they will easily be able to control your smart home and security devices, so they can easily break into your home, without being detected.


Social media is fun and beneficial, as long as you know how to use it correctly! Make sure to take the appropriate steps to avoid putting yourself at a higher risk. This will ensure that you do not compromise your security, while being able to enjoy the fun of social media.

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