wireless security camera HSH-DB-5722F – HD-SDI Infrared Bullet Camera W/ 4.2mm Lens

Published: Jun 08, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
HSH-DB-5722F - HD-SDI Infrared Bullet Camera W/ 4.2mm Lens

If you are looking for a high quality wireless security camera then this is the right model for you. Featuring superior quality technology this is the right surveillance camera for those who would like to have every single detail recorded. This is the right model for everyone.

The Specifications

The HSH wireless security camera was built to last. It shoots in full 1080P HD resolution and features the HD-SDI technology that focuses on precise items and delivers the best image possible. You can connect this camera to your DVR (that must come with full support to the HD-SDI format) and see the quality of the picture recorded by the camera. This is the perfect item to have indoors or outdoors since it is quite easy to mount. In case the area you plan to watch is quite dark, no problem, this wireless security camera comes with LEDs and the Infrared technology that will help you see whatever is happening even when it is as dark as the night.

The Main Features

This wireless security camera comes with fix lens that record in the best resolution possible. This is what the market has as its best in resolution. You will have the 2D and 3 D noise reduction as a perk, that way you will have outside noises reduced from recordings. You will also have the auto white balance for day and night clarity.

The Pros And The Cons

It is always good to know the pros and the cons of every product before actually purchasing. This model is great for those who would like to watch their houses and offices for up to 2.500sqf. If you would like to watch wider ranges then this is not the best model for you. Although the picture quality is great, during the night it is common to see that the in motion image capture is not the best. Although it will show you the faces, there will be a ghost or even blur whenever people walk around. This is a great item to have on your front door or even gate, when people are still, asking for you to open the door. This is not the best model to have as a super surveillance item. Although it has these minor issues, this model is still an excellent choice for those who would like to do the basic. You can spend as little as $200 dollars in order to have this camera home.

The Bottom Line

This security camera is indeed a great item for those who would like to have an intercom with cameras. This might not be the best option for those who would like to view wider ranges, since it is good for up to 2.5000sqf. The price is excellent and its HD resolution is indeed great. This model is very easy to set up and is quite sturdy. You will certainly feel much safer once you have this item installed at home or even at your office.

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