The Important Parts of a Wireless Alarm System

Published: Jun 08, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
The Important Parts of a Wireless Alarm System

A wireless alarm system works on 3 main parts; sensors, control panel and the monitoring party. The right coordination among these components is necessary to make an alarm system work.

A wireless alarm system works just like your wireless mobile phones and smartphones work but people who have not had an alarm system installed in their homes before have little knowledge of it. Understanding the system is not difficult at all. However, it’s more important to keep the alarm system in working condition at all times. Checking the batteries, inspecting the various components and taking trials at regular intervals to make sure the alarm system is working properly are a few things that homeowners with a wireless alarm system should do with great care.

Here are the major components and parts that make up a wireless alarm system.

The Most Important Part Is You

The most important of any system is you. There will be no alarm system in the house, wired or wireless, unless you have made up your mind to have one installed. Do your research to know the many benefits of a wireless alarm system and go for it when you are satisfied with the information. You might have to pay extra for additional and advanced features on the alarms but for as long as you know you are making an investment towards the security of your family, the price shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Sensors Are Spread Throughout The House

When we talk about the system and its hardware, the first part you should know of is the sensor. Sensors are the devices that are attached to your doors, windows and other entrances in the house. Their function is as their name says, sensing. They sense the presence of someone or something and inform the main control panel about it. Sensors can be of different types and different households might need different sensors. Some sensors detect motion whereas other sensors detect contact. Cameras are sensors too since they watch over a specific area and keep sending signals to the main control panel. Sensors can detect opening and closing of doors and windows, high temperature, smoke, carbon monoxide and many other things.

Control Panel Serves As The Brain and Heart Of The System

Another important part of your wireless alarm system is the main control panel that receives all the signals from various sensors that are spread in your house. This is the control panel so when you want to change the settings of your system in the house you will use this panel. Arming and disarming the alarm are the basic things done on the control panel. You always require a password to access the settings on your control panel so it is always safe.

Monitoring Is Optional But Crucial

Alarms can only inform you that something is wrong in the house but they can’t come to your aid. Furthermore, being a single person you can’t keep an eye on all of your alarms all the time. You need to sleep and be available in the meetings in your office or sometimes you are traveling. While doing all these things there is a possibility of missing a notification from your wireless alarm system. This job is then taken by a company called the monitoring company. This company gives the job of monitoring the notifications of your alarms to its professionals who are working in shifts so they monitor the alarms 24/7. Even if you miss an alert from your alarm the monitoring company will take the necessary measure to take over the situation.

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