Improve your lifestyle with a wireless intercom system for home

Published: Apr 20, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
Improve your lifestyle with a wireless intercom system for home

Communication and mobility are essential these days, which is why we’ll discuss how a wireless intercom system for home can help improve your life.

What is a wireless intercom system?

Even though intercom systems are in our lives for some time now, having a wireless intercom system will give you the mobility you need to get things done. This is simple device that helps you communicate with others in the same building without having to go over to them, but unlike the wall intercom systems, you have the freedom to move from to room.
What advantages does a wireless intercom system brings?

Having a child or an elderly person living with you can make moving around the house a little harder. Bringing a wireless intercom system to your family shows that you care about your loved ones, making communication easier, always being aware of everyone’s needs.This is the way to get your things done around the house and being there for your family, because unlike a wall intercom system you have the freedom to move your wireless intercom system wherever you are, working at an average of 1000ft distance.

How to use it?

Most systems are designed to be portable working on batteries but you can also plug it in, if you want it to be fixed in a room or use it as a doorbell system. Having a wireless intercom as your doorbell might prove to be very efficient against unwanted visitors. You can have as many stations as you want in your house, and having up to four channels you don’t have to interfere on someone’s discussion just to check who’s at the door.

How to get the most of your wireless intercom system

To get the security effect you want, intercoms can be combined with video surveillance. Security integration makes it possible for a “pan, tilt and zoom” camera to swivel and focus in on a person who wants to enter a building after they press the button to speak outside the door. This, in turn, makes it possible for the person inside the building to verify the person’s identity, and just as importantly, it records their image for future use if necessary.

Pros and cons

First of all it saves up the working time needed to install a wire intercom system. Second, a wireless intercom system can be integrated in your telephone, lighting system, computer, motion sensors giving you the comfort and security you need in your home. Some systems have additional features like video cameras, radio or nature sounds to give you a different ambiance in your home. You can even have a barbeque while your child is sleeping in his upstairs room knowing that you can always check where he is, or what he is doing. With all this comfort in your house you might experience a little lower sound quality then a wired intercom system because of the interference it can get from microwaves or other sensor you might have in your house.

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