The Ins and Outs of Wireless Alarm System

Published: May 31, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
The Ins and Outs of Wireless Alarm System

Security is a very important issue that cannot be neglected and wireless alarm system can meet the needs of security in a simple yet effective way.

In today’s world, the crime rate is on a climb and people are at great risk even in their own homes. There is a great need for security in order to protect your belongings, home and family. For this purpose, the concept of security and alarm systems has been introduced. People have been using wired alarm and security systems for protecting their homes and offices against unwanted visitors and intruders. These have been very useful in preventing crimes like kidnapping and burglary. However, installing these wired systems is very complicated as holes have to be drilled for the wires.


Therefore, a new concept of wireless alarm system has been introduced nowadays and these systems are becoming a popular option amongst homeowners. Initial wireless systems had some problems associated with them, but continued advancement in technology has ensured that the new wireless systems are reliable and effective. People need to determine their security strategy first before deciding on the system they choose for safeguarding their home or business. Apart from that, another important factor that individuals need to focus on is whether they want a company to handle their security needs or they wish to opt for the do-it-yourself route.


A wireless alarm system typically works on radio wave frequencies. Motion is detected by these radio waves and the information is transmitted to the control panel. The sirens will then be alerted by the control panel and a third party such as the local police or even the homeowner will be contacted in case they aren’t home.


One of the primary benefits that people will reap when using a wireless alarm system is that the security system is relatively easy to use and install. Wires are used in a wired system for connecting the control panel and all the devices. Also, it is also necessary to keep the wires hidden or else they will have a negative impact on the outlook of the house. Therefore, the wires have to go through ceilings, walls and floors. The system cannot be installed by just anyone as some basic knowledge of carpentry and electricity as well as a little bit proficiency is needed. On the other hand, a wireless alarm system does not have any wires involved. There is no worry about running or hiding wires around the house. The do-it-yourself market has opened up primarily because of the ease of installation. A seasoned pro doesn’t have to hire for installing the system because anyone can install the wireless security system.


When installing a wireless alarm system, only a few basic steps have to be followed and then the process is complete. First, the control panel has to be connected with an electrical outlet. The sensors have to be positioned by people with highly adhesive sticky tape. Then the alarm has to be activated. It doesn’t take longer than a half day for this installation to be completed and people will have a secure and safe home. Professionals can also be hired, but they will do the same steps so people can save some cost when they install the wireless alarm system on their own.

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