The Ins and Outs of a Wireless Home Alarm

Published: Apr 09, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
The Ins and Outs of a Wireless Home Alarm

It is necessary for homeowners to know the features and benefits of a wireless home alarm before they select it for safeguarding their home and possessions.

It is not just the material possessions that are at risk when burglars end up gaining access to the house. Far more important are the lives of your family members and loved ones that are put at risk when an intruder enters your home. Keeping this in mind, homeowners who are security conscious should choose a reliable home security system that would be able to keep their home safe. A wireless home alarm is said to be the best option amongst the various home security systems today because not only do they make use of advanced technology, but they are also able to provide people with better options and flexibility as compared to traditional hard wired security systems.


One of the most significant benefits that homeowners will come to know in case of a wireless home alarm is that they can themselves install the system in their homes and no professional help is required by them for doing so. The master control panel only has to be taken out of the box and it is ready to be installed. The only steps that homeowners will have to undertake involve mounting it on a wall, connecting it to a telephone line and plugging the power cord into the power outlet. As soon as the control panel is installed, people can enter the emergency numbers that should be contacted in case of an alarm. In the event that the system detects suspicious activity, it will sound an alarm and automatically dial the emergency numbers.

Other Perks:

It is even easier to install the wireless sensors that are responsible for collecting data. They simply have to be mounted on any available surface. Likewise, cameras can be placed anywhere that needs to be observed and burglary sensors have to be attached to doors and windows for preventing unauthorized entry. There are no unsightly wires in a wireless home alarm and there is no need to break into the floor and walls during installation. In addition, sensors don’t have to be placed near power outlets as they are powered by batteries and they will function even when there is a power outage. Furthermore, wireless systems allow greater flexibility as they are portable. They can be easily moved and even installed in places where it is difficult for wires to reach. They are said to be more secure as it is very difficult to disable a wireless home alarm as compared to a wired ones where the wires have to be cut.


One of the best features of a wireless home alarm is that the system can be easily disarmed without coming anywhere near the control panel. Another excellent feature is that the system can be scheduled to turn on the lights and appliances randomly in order to give the appearance that people are home, especially when there is any suspicious activity detected. In addition, wireless systems not just offer people the option of burglary monitoring. They can also provide alarm service for flood, fire and gas accidents. Specialized sensor units can be placed around the house for this purpose while using the same wireless home alarm system.

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