Why to Install a Wireless Alarm System for Your Home or Small Business

Published: Mar 19, 2014 at 17:14 UTC
Why to Install a Wireless Alarm System for Your Home or Small Business

Wireless alarm system is proven to be a great inspiration to meet the requirements of protecting your family and your possessions. The article will enlighten why it is recommended to pick one for your home or small business’s safety.

When it comes to considering a wireless alarm system to protect your family and your possession, there may be many questions arising in your mind before you are actually up to it. Amongst the list of these questions, the foremost query will always base on the need. Many people, for long, have been using traditional way of keeping their assets safe that are commonly recognized as hard wired systems; however there is an increase in the popularity of wireless alarms because of their notably advanced technology, more reliability and cost-effective features.They can be easily expanded and conveniently installed. However, it is still important to look into what system may best fit your needs. So, let’s peep into some of their benefits.

No More Drills inthe Wall

Unlike wired alarm security system, a wireless alarm system allows you to avoid any drills in the walls and run hideous cables around the dwelling. Since it is wireless, there is no restriction considering it only when the house or office is being built. This feature of a wireless alarm avoids any unsightly appearance between walls and floors and helps you protect your belongings without any wiring discomfort.

Easy Installation

Installing a hard wired system is not every person’s cup of tea. Lots of wirings, multi-core and color codes for each cable, and heaps of confusion between different detectors and control panels, a total game of puzzles. On the other hand, wireless alarm system provides a high ease of trouble-free installation. Almost everybody can position the detectors in different places of a house or office by easy fixings. Once it’s positioned, the detectors and control panel get connected to each other via radio frequency.

Cost Effective

When it comes to comparing the expenditures of wireless alarms and other monitored systems, you will see that a wireless alarm system will cost you less than traditional monitored or hard wired systems. Alarm companies cost $450 for installing the piece and $150 every year for monitoring and maintenance while you can buy a quality wireless alarm for about $250 with no other associated charges.


Wireless systems are proven to be portable, which can be moved to the various detectors around the dwelling or business with the whole security system. In addition, you can use the same system in your new place without any negotiating with the alarm company. People with rented accommodation can especially benefit from this useful feature.

Reliable Alarm standards

Choosing a high quality wireless alarm system calls for making sure you pick a system that is up to European standard or British Standard. Moreover,the system should have the ability to operate on the governments approved frequency of 868 MHz so that you are rest assure that your home or office is with a reliable security.

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