Why Install Wireless Alarms

Published: Apr 02, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
Why Install Wireless Alarms

Installing a wireless alarm is one of the first steps you can take to better protect your home, family, and business. In following post you will read the basics of wireless alarms, how they work, and how you can purchase a wireless alarm.

What is a Wireless Alarm?

A wireless alarm is a great way to protect your family and your home. Wireless alarms have a variety of functions, allowing you to choose the type that is best for you. There are various alarms that go off; carbon monoxide detectors, heat sensors, motion detectors etc. All of these alarms will alert you to dangerous gases, fires, and potential burglars in your home. Some wireless alarms also come with cameras, so you can watch your home and business from your smart phone or computer while you are away. Wireless alarms are a great benefit to larger homes, and people on a budget. Being wireless, the cost of installation can be thousands of dollars less than a wired alarm. Wireless alarms can be moved and installed as a DIY project. They cover a large span of area compared to wired systems, allowing you to protect your larger home or property.

How do Wireless Alarms work?

Wireless alarms have three main components. The detector is what detects fire, dangerous gases, or unauthorized entry. It then sends a signal to the CPU (the control panel) to sound the alarm. It then alerts you and the authorities to the issue. Some alarm systems have varying delays before the alarm is set off, to make sure it is not a false alarm. Other wireless alarms give you the ability to remotely disarm a false alarm. In some cases, the authorities are not immediately notified for thirty to sixty seconds to be sure that there is no false alarm.

What to Consider in a Wireless Alarm

You know what is best for your home, business, and family. Be sure to get a wireless alarm you feel comfortable in purchasing. If you want a small system that does the basics in protecting you from fire, dangerous gases, and burglars, a basic wireless alarm will suffice. There are hundreds of brands out there to choose from, allowing you options you can’t always get anywhere else. Some are sophisticated enough to offer you the ability to remotely turn off water, lights, and lock the doors in your home (or set the alarm to do these at a certain time). If you don’t know what you should look for in your wireless alarm system, visit a security store or go online to read reviews. Talk to an expert, or even a friend or relative, and see what sort of security system they have. They might be helpful for you in obtaining your own wireless alarm.

Where to purchase a Wireless Alarm

Start by reading reviews online. Once you’ve decided on a type of wireless alarm, make sure you feel confident in purchasing it. Even if the alarm has all the functions you want, you need to be sure the reviews are positive. Don’t waste money on an alarm that looks good, but with negative reviews. Also consider going into a local store that sells security systems. You can also shop online and order your wireless alarm over the phone or computer.

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