Installation of a Wireless Alarm System

Published: Mar 20, 2014 at 09:04 UTC
Installation of a Wireless Alarm System

Home security can be ensured in the best possible way with a wireless alarm system as long as it is properly installed and serves its purpose.

The idea of alarm systems was introduced to provide people with a way through which they could detect intruders in their homes and call the authorities before becoming victims of theft, kidnapping, etc. Previously, there were wired security and alarm systems that required a lot of fuss as wiring had to be installed throughout the house. However, in past few years, there has been considerable technological advancement and the idea of wireless alarm system has been introduced.


The purpose of a wireless alarm system is similar to that of a wired one; an alarm is sounded when an intruder enters a protected area. There are numerous security companies that are providing these systems to people and also deal with their installation in homes. Nonetheless, people have the option of doing the installation by themselves in order to save cost. For doing so, they’ll need to purchase a wireless alarm kit from a security systems supply outlet or hobby store. As the wireless alarm system has a non-invasive nature, your home will not be damaged in any way during the process.

Pre-Installation Steps:

First and foremost, individuals need to decide the area of the house to protect from an intruder. For instance, it could be the living room that has a window leading outside or it could be the door that leads to the attached garage. The hallway leading to the front door could also be the protection point. The back of the wireless motion sensor alarm module has a battery compartment that needs to be opened. It might be screwed shut so a screwdriver will have to be used for opening it. The appropriate batteries have to be inserted in the compartment properly i.e. the positive and negative sides should be placed correctly. The lid should then be screwed closed again.

Installation Process:

The module will have a switch, which can be called as the selector switch, ‘gain’ or ‘sensitivity’ knob, depending on the module manufacturer. The setting of the module should be a setting below the maximum. The module should be placed on the floor or wherever it is recommended in the instructions. Keep in mind that it should not be more than 10 feet away from the door or window that has to be protected. The sensors of the wireless alarm system are located on the front so it should be rotated to ensure its facing the door or the window. The wireless alarm control panel should either be kept on the night stand or in whichever room you must have the alarm to sound. The power cord of the control panel has to be plugged into a wall outlet for power. The control panel can be turned on by pressing the power button. The wireless motion sensor alarm will also have a ‘Network Sync’ or ‘Activate’ button, which should be pressed.


Go back to the control panel and press the same-labeled button to start syncing the wireless alarm system with the control panel. The slider or volume knob of the control panel can be adjusted to its highest setting to ensure its heard immediately.

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