Installing Wireless Smoke Detectors Does Not Mean Job Done

Published: Apr 04, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Installing Wireless Smoke Detectors Does Not Mean Job Done

It might seem that installing wireless smoke detectors in the house is everything but there are other important things that need to be done after the installation of smoke detectors such as training the children on what to do when they hear the alarms.

Wireless smoke detectors are invaluable devices for every house to protect the lives of family members and the loss of valuable property. However, most people think that installing the wireless smoke detectors means job done. That’s not true. Training your family members and loved ones on how to react when they hear the alarms is just as important as installing the wireless smoke detectors. There are some other important measures that must be taken in addition to installing the wireless smoke detectors in the house. Here is a brief overview of what else needs to be done after the installation of smoke detectors.

The Testing Of Smoke Detectors

Never take the wireless smoke detectors and mount them on the walls or ceilings without testing them. Check them to see if they are working even before putting them on the ceiling. Test them again after putting them in their places. Furthermore, test their batteries by disconnecting the power and letting them run on their batteries. There will be a test button on most wireless smoke detectors so use it as soon as you have installed the detectors to make sure that they work at the right time. If you detect any problems in their working, contact the providers and let them know of the issue right away.

Training On Using Smoke Detectors

Train any other people in the house other than you on how to use the wireless smoke detectors. The detectors will stay on the ceiling or wall and need not to be played with but there are times when the detectors will need your help. Tell the children and other loved ones in the house what the buttons on the detectors mean. Give them instructions on what needs to be done when a certain indicator light is on. Let them do the things and press buttons practically, don’t just tell them with the word of mouth. Furthermore, tell them how to dismount the wireless smoke detectors and change their batteries when needed.

Training On Reacting To The Emergency

The most important thing for any responsible parents is to teach their children what to do in the hour of an emergency. Tell your children what they must do first when they hear the wireless smoke detectors making a noise. Instruct and preach to them not to panic when they hear an alarm and there’s smoke in the house. Train them on how to remain calm and do the necessary things to take on the emergency situation and rescue those who are in need of help. Tell them how to contact the monitoring service if you have subscribed for one.

Some Miscellaneous Things

Wireless smoke detectors are there only to alert you when there is fire emergency. As soon as there is fire in the house and smoke is detected by the wireless smoke detectors, they will inform you of its presence. However, that’s all that smoke detectors can do. The bigger responsibility is on our shoulders. Always train your kids now to play with fire, leave the stove unattended or oven running etc. Have an emergency exit in the house and/or commercial building. Tell everyone in the building/house where the emergency exit is and how to use it.

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