Some Invaluable Features Of Wireless Home Security Systems For Families With Children

Published: May 30, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Some Invaluable Features Of Wireless Home Security Systems For Families With Children

Wireless home security systems are now sold based on the type of user. There are different solutions for families with children, homeowners with pets, homes with elderly people at home etc. Families with children in the house should always look for certain features when shopping for security systems.

If there are little children in your family and you want a security system, there are certain features you must not forget to have included in your package. Modern wireless home security systems are designed based on the types of users and for families with children there are certain exclusive features. Similarly, if there are no children in your family but you have a pet in the house, you will require a different type of solution. Following are some important features that you should look for if you have children in the house and are looking for wireless home security systems.

The Intercom Feature

This is not a feature to overlook when you are shopping for wireless home security systems and you have children in your family. For a family with children to stay safe, the parents must always be in touch with their children. The intercom feature bridges the gap between parents and children and lets them communicate with each other even when they are sitting in different rooms. This also allows parents to calm their children down by talking to them on intercom if there is an emergency situation. You can also pass on certain instructions to your children on the intercom if you are experiencing an intrusion in the house.

Noise Detectors And Sensors

Wireless home security systems are now coming with noise detectors and sensors. These are perfect devices for families with little babies who sleep in a separate room. These devices send a notification to the parents if the child starts crying or when there’s any kind of noise in the baby’s room. The good thing about the detectors that come with the newest wireless home security systems is that their sensitivity levels can be set manually. Furthermore, these detectors are equipped with certain sounds, lullabies and poems that start playing when a baby wakes up from his/her sleep.

Alarm System With Zoning Feature

Your wireless home security systems can now be completed by adding the zoning feature to them. If your service provider doesn’t provide this particular service, you can look for another company since these third party devices can be integrated with your existing wireless home security systems. The purpose of such devices is to inform the parents as soon as the child has crossed a certain boundary limit set by the parents. You can create zones through these devices and as soon as the child goes out of the specified zone, you get a notification instantly.

Remote Control Feature

If you are working parents and you want to keep a track of the time when your children return from school, the remote control feature is best for you. Most wireless home security systems have these features included in them by default. These wireless home security systems come with a free application that installs on your smartphone and allows you to control the security system, locks, lights and other things in the house. As soon as your children step near the door of the house you will receive a notification on your smartphone. After learning that your children are on the door you can unlock the doors remotely. You can have such locks installed not only on the main door but any number of doors in the house.


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