Why You Should Invest in a Do It Yourself Home Security System

Published: Aug 30, 2014 at 09:09 UTC
Why You Should Invest in a Do It Yourself Home Security System

In May 2014 a newspaper columnist for the Bangor Daily News in Maine, USA, reported that his place was burgled while he and his family slept at night, unaware of what had happened until they awoke the next morning.

The most disturbing thing for the victims was not so much that their possessions were taken, it was that they were completely vulnerable to the actions of the intruders.

Whilst this true story highlights how exposed you are when you fail to have home security installed, the sad fact is that many people forego the safety of their family and their valuables for several reasons.

While these may not reflect the specific incidence that happened in the news bulletin, the failure to install a security system is generally the result of affordability issues or installation requirements.

This is why you should invest in a do it yourself home security system; it eliminates both of these objections.

DIY security systems do not discriminate on cost

A do it yourself home security system differs completely to the standard wired setup that many think of when it comes to home security.

With a DIY security system, the alarm that you will be installing at your property is wireless, which opens up a whole range of benefits for you as the occupant of the house, regardless of whether you own the property or are renting.

DIY systems place people in all living arrangements on an equal footing. They require the purchase of the standard wireless equipment, but it is without the need for monthly rental or fee payments, unless you upgrade to employ a professional monitoring service to watch your premises on a round the clock arrangement or sign a permanent term contract.

DIY systems provide you with security options that have affordability as a major draw card.

Installation is easy with wireless DIY security

When you have a security system that you can purchase and then install right out of the box within minutes, you immediately have saved yourself money because you have not had expensive installation costs or maintenance concerns due to wiring.

Your do it yourself home security system is provided with complete installation instructions so that even if you have little technical know-how, you can master the setup with an effort that requires little more than placing motion sensors around your home’s major entry points.

Additionally, you can always contact your wireless security provider for a no-cost walk-through of the basic installation process at any time if there is something about it that you don’t understand.

On the flip side, you can also uninstall the system just as easily and take it with you if you ever move house.

DIY security is more effective than previous systems

While this particular subject line may create some level of debate with die-hard wired security enthusiasts, it is undeniable that the wireless do it yourself home security system is very effective at keeping burglars at bay.

With wired systems, it is all too easy for the determined burglar to cut the telephone line and any other wires that are in sight, in turn disabling the alarm and rendering the entire system ineffective.

When you install your wireless do it yourself home security system however, it is a very rare for a burglar to take the time to try to find a way to beat the system, particularly when it is blaring at decibels to alert the neighborhood that an illegal entry has just taken place at your residence.

DIY security provides unbroken protection

A do it yourself home security system has unique features that ensures it monitors your property at all times.

Battery operated, your alarm can be active for up to 5 years depending on the pack that you purchased, and the system will advise you when the charge is running low so that you can replace the battery before the system ever leaves you unprotected.

The do it yourself home security system also has cellular capabilities, meaning that with just minimal access to a cellular tower, you can program it to send you text messages and alerts, as well as allowing you visual monitoring through any video cameras that you may installed anywhere in or around the house.

With this level of control, you are aware of any irregular activities at your property at all times.

Moving forward with DIY security solutions    

It is important that you remain informed of the options that you have to secure the safety of your family home.

If you have been hesitant until now to purchase your own household safety, the do it yourself home security system that is offered by large security providers is the easiest and most cost-effective means by which to protect your home moving forward.

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