Keep your wireless security system in best condition through regular maintenance

Published: Mar 21, 2014 at 02:33 UTC
Keep your wireless security system in best condition through regular maintenance

A wireless security system can prove to be your last line of defense against the ever-increasing rate of burglary. However, if you are not keeping your security system in good shape, it may not prove useful when you need it the most.

A wireless alarm system is the best choice to avoid robberies and you might be using one in your own home if you care about safety of your family and your home. Installing a wireless security system is a good thing but you need to keep it in top condition to make your home secure.

First of all, you should install a good quality wireless alarm system instead of buying a low cost system that fails to render results as you expect them. Such systems are easily available but they expire in no time and won’t provide rock-solid security. Once you have purchased an alarm system that matches your needs, you will have to make sure that you keep it in working condition to ensure it works when someone tries to sneak into your home. Regular maintenance and performance check will ensure that your wireless security system works efficiently at all the times.

Check your alarm system batteries after short intervals

The important thing to check in your wireless security system is its batteries. If you are using only direct power then you must buy some batteries to run wireless alarm system in case power goes out or someone cuts down the power to your wireless alarm system. Once you have installed batteries, make sure you have noted the date of installing the batteries. Change the batteries regularly and make sure that you inspect the wireless security system every other week just to ensure that the alarm actually goes off. Using weaker batteries may trigger false alarms which can be a headache. So make sure that batteries are also in good condition.

Check you security sensors

The next thing you need to check in your wireless security system is the sensor placed at doors and windows. These sensors can cause false alarm if they are not installed correctly or if they are not maintained properly. Check that these sensors are fully fixed and they are not loose. It is recommended that you check false alarms as well and diagnose the reason of alarm and fix it as soon as possible to keep the wireless security system in perfect condition. If things don’t go according to the plans, you can contact the company that sold the equipment and ask for reason for false alarms.

Reset your pass codes after short intervals

Changing password for your wireless security system after sometime is necessary whether someone knows the alarm password or not. It is as simple as changing your banking passwords and email account password. It is a good habit to change passwords occasionally since it keeps it safe. Always select a password that is difficult to crack.

Expand the security system of your house

There are many other devices that can tighten your home security and add value to your wireless security system. If you feel that your current home security isn’t fool proof, you can add more advanced wireless security system such as a CCTV or something else that’s missing in your system.

If you can think of some gadgets or devices that will help everyone strengthen home security, feel free to mention that in the comments. We will look at it and revise the article accordingly.

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