Knowing A Little About Video Baby Monitors

Published: Apr 22, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Knowing A Little About Video Baby Monitors

Getting only basic information about video baby monitors can make the shopping easy for you and help you in choosing the right monitor for your baby.

Video baby monitors are not the difficult devices and understanding them requires no more than a few minutes. However, it can still be a bit tough for parents who are looking for video baby monitors for the first time. The many marketing gimmicks and add-ons that are on many occasions not required can confuse the parents in making the right decision. Given under are a few details to explain the video baby monitors. This basic information should be enough to help you in making the right decision when buying your first baby monitor.

The Important Components Of The Monitors

There are three important components of the video baby monitors: the camera, parent unit, baby unit and the charger. The baby unit is definitely a camera that captures your baby at all times and gives you a visual whenever you need. The parent unit is in your hands and has a screen big enough to give you clear video of your baby. The charger charges both the components and you can have two of them to simultaneously charge both the units. The entire system is wireless and portable so you can carry your unit with you anywhere in the house. The camera is wireless too and can be kept anywhere in the house or the room of your baby.

The Range Of The System

All video baby monitors have their ranges and it is always best to have more range. An important thing to notice here is that you are not always told the range of the system in the most vivid way. If your system has a range of 800ft, it is very much possible that this range is in an open environment. The range inside the house among the walls will be quite low. Always confirm the size of your house and choose the video baby monitors that have enough range to cover the entire house. Always inquire about the interruptions that might be caused due to microwave ovens and other appliances in the house.

Frame Rate Of The Video

Since you are thinking of buying the video baby monitors it is important that you get a high quality video on your monitor. Different video baby monitors will have different frame rates but you have to make sure to choose the one with the highest numbers of frames. You will rarely find anything better than 30fps but this is a good frame rate for any video baby monitor. Anything below 30fps should be avoided since the video might not look like anything more than a slide show consisting of many images.

Miscellaneous Options

There are many additional options that you can get on video baby monitors. They are not the most required options but can be greatly helpful if you have them on your monitor. Many video baby monitors will come with voice activation option. These monitors only start recording the video when a certain level of sound is made in the baby’s room. This is a great option for save battery of your system. Other additional options include the moving and rotating cameras. You can also buy video baby monitors that have night vision technology on their cameras. Expandability is another option that you might like to consider if you expect any expansions in the future.

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