Are Latest Wireless Home Security Systems More Intelligent?

Published: Apr 28, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
Are Latest Wireless Home Security Systems More Intelligent?

The constant improvement in technology has made the latest wireless home security systems more intelligent in that they work just the way homeowners want them to.

Wireless home security systems can now be controlled with ease and this makes them more intelligent. They fit in our modern lifestyles well and offer some great options that make them more helpful for homeowners than annoying. These wireless home security systems are more intelligent since they work as a companion with homeowners and provide better opportunities to police and emergency services to take on an emergency situation. Here are some of the points that should explain why the latest wireless home security systems are more intelligent than the security and alarm systems that have been used in the past.

Better Control Over Emergency Situations

A loud siren ringing in an emergency situation can make the situation worse by panicking the little children and causing health problems in people who have certain medical conditions. Wireless home security systems work with silent alarms and there are also those that come with a delayed siren option. During the delay of a few seconds you can inform the children and weak hearted people about the emergency yourself so they don’t panic when the siren starts making a loud noise. You can also take care of the situation by letting children know of the emergency through intercoms and not letting the alarm ring at all.

Better Opportunities Of Catching Burglars

Silent alarm plays an important role when it comes to catching an intruder off-guard. As soon as someone comes near your door or touches it, you get a notification on your phone and email. Right away you can inform the police of the situation and by watching live video on your smartphone you can know where the burglar is in the house at any moment. Your wireless cameras with zooming and tilting options can easily help police in recognizing the intruder even if he manages to escape. Most wireless home security systems now have night vision cameras so the burglars and robbers can’t hide in the darkness of the night to cover the identity when ransacking a house.

The Panic Button Option Is Priceless

The panic button option on the wireless home security systems is a priceless feature. This is an amazing feature for families that have medical patients and elderly people at home. By pressing a button the notification is sent to you, emergency services and the monitoring services too. You can always specify who receives those notifications so someone can come for help as early as possible when there is an emergency situation. The panic button option removes the need of dialing any emergency numbers. People in emergency don’t have to look for their phone too since the button is attached to a wristband, bracelet or a necklace designed specifically for this purpose.

Distance Doesn’t Matter At All Now

Wireless home security systems can now be operated and controlled regardless of the distances. You don’t always have to be playing with the control unit to arm and disarm the alarm or to change its settings. The wireless home security systems we have today can be fully configured and operated with the help of smartphone applications. You can lock and unlock your house while working in the office so your children can enter the house after coming back from school. You can operate the heating and cooling system of your house so when you return home the temperature of the house is just what you want.

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