Law Enforcement Looking To Share Your Home Security System Videos

Published: Jun 14, 2016 at 08:00 UTC

Local law enforcement agencies are responsible for making hundreds of visits to various homes and businesses each month, due to reported alarms. If your system is monitored, by a monitoring center, if at any time an alert is initiated, without resolution, the agent will make a call to the local law enforcement agency. Eventually a police officer will enter the property and investigate the issue. More often than not, the problem will be related to a false alarm, so the system is reset and ready for the next occurrence. Would you share your video with your local law enforcement agency?

Capturing Criminals in Action

With the increase use of home security cameras, it may be possible for law enforcement to expand their resources throughout an entire community. If homeowners are willing to allow these public agencies to view stored images and videos on their system, it may be possible to capture criminals in actions. It is a proven fact that video footage can be very valuable in helping solve crime. If you are an avid local news watcher, you will definitely see how often videos with criminals committing some of the most heinous crimes. With the help of the public, the criminal can be identified, arrested, and locked up behind bars for life.

  • Lowers crime rate
  • Elevates prosecution rate
  • Enhances home security
  • Deters criminals
  • Decreases community costs


Doing Your Share

Do you feel like it is part of your duty to protect your neighborhood? If so, you should definitely take the time to view the videos of each event stored on your security system’s hard drive or Cloud storage. Just by doing this, you can help your local law enforcement clean up the streets, but everyone must get involved.


Chicago law enforcement is asking homeowners to share their videos with them. If you reside in a congested area or busy intersection, it is possible that your videos could hold a wealth of information.

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