Looking For Personal Alarms For The Elderly? Here’s What To Consider

Published: Jun 02, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
personal alrms for the elderly

Do you have an elderly family member, who insists on living alone? Although this individual may want to remain independent, living alone can be frightening for someone, who is older. Not only will it increase the risks of falling or finding themselves in a bad situation, but also it’ll provide their loved ones with grave concern and may result in many sleepless nights. With this in mind, it may be wise to conquer your concerns, by investing in one of the personal alarms for the elderly. Within this guide, you’ll learn about these devices and precisely what to look for, when attempting to purchase one of your loved one.

Understanding These Alarms

The mass majority of consumers are familiar with security alarms. These systems are capable of alerting the authorities, if someone attempts to break into your home. Although personal medical alarms are a little bit different, they work in a similar manner. Instead of providing protecting from burglars and thieves, these systems deliver 24/7 reassurance and protection in the event of falls and medical complications.

If the consumer has an accident and falls to the ground, they’ll be able to grab ahold of their personal alarm and press the corresponding button. Once this is done, they’ll receive direct communications from a dispatcher, who will ensure they receive medical assistance right away. There are numerous alarm systems on the market, such as Safe Guardian and Mobile Guardian On Call. All of them will deviate to some degree, but they all work similar to the aforementioned information.

Things To Consider

When attempting to acquire a worthwhile medical alert system, you will need to analyze various things. Below, you will find a brief list of the most important factors to remember.

• Your budget
• The capabilities of your loved one
• Ease of use and installation
• Features and system capabilities
• Access to an active phone line

Below, some of these factors will be explored in greater depth.

Your Budget

The good news is that the fees associated with medical alert systems have decreased substantially over the years. Today, it is possible to pay a minute monthly fee for some of these services. In fact, consumers will be able to lower the costs even further, by opting for a system that is effortless to install. By performing the installation on your own, you won’t have to pay for a technician’s service. Also, be sure to check for companies that will not charge an arm and a leg for their equipment. Some offer their equipment for free to all clients and choosing one that does is wise.

The Wearable Devicepersonal alarms for the elderly2.png

Before moving forward, you should take the time to check out the wearable device included with the system. Some people will prefer a bracelet, while others will want a necklace. Speaking with your loved one, in order to figure out precisely what they desire is pertinent. Either option is great, but you should make sure that the button is large, easy to push and always accessible. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your family member will be able to grab and push the button in the event of an emergency.

Also, you will want to make sure that the wearable device is capable of operating for an extensive period of time. These devices primarily run on batteries, so battery life will be integral. Batteries should last for a long period of time and you’ll want to make sure your loved one will be alerted when the batteries begin to die. Finally, opting for a waterproof necklace or pendant is a good ideal. This will guarantee your family member will never need to remove the device, even when taking a shower or bath.

Free and Easy Installation

Most elderly and disabled adults live on a very limited income, making it very difficult to afford high installation costs. Just because you want to install a medical alert system in your home, does not necessary mean that you should be forced to pay $100-200 for installation fees. Well, you should not and will not, if you choose Life Fone as your emergency service provider.

Most of these service providers will mail your system to you via USPS or UPS delivery service, once your order has been processed. Once you receive the system, you will simply remove it from the box, plug the base into a 110 volt electrical outlet, and connect the phone cable to the back of the base and wall phone jack. Yes, it is that simple and it will not cost you anything, except for time.

Two-Way Communication

Medical alert systems have been around for an extremely long time, but with technology, they have been improved greatly. A two-way communication feature is a necessity, because an accident can happen anywhere at any time, leaving the medical alert base out of reach. If the system is integrated with fall detection technology, the call center will immediately be notified of the accident, but if it does not, you can simply push the “alert” button on the wearable.

The base unit is embedded with a two-way speaker that allows the user to verbally communicate with a call center representative. This safety feature is a necessity and has proven to be a very helpful device. Thousands, if not millions of elderly fall victims have utilized this feature and it has saved them from a tragic ending.

All Types of Emergencies

A medical alert system should not only offer medical emergency service. In fact, there are various types of emergencies that one can become involved in, which is why the company should offer various emergency dispatches. Fire, law enforcement, and ambulance dispatches should be offered, plus the representative should remain in contact with you, until the emergency team arrives to help.

Putting It Together

It is safe to say that any personal alarm can deliver added protection and enormous peace of mind. Of course, choosing the perfect system can increase its effectiveness and reliability. With this in mind, it is pertinent to utilize the aforementioned information, when attempting to choose the right system for your loved one. Doing so will help to ensure that your loved one remains safe and sound, while guaranteeing your hard earned money has been used wisely.

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