Making Your Wireless Alarms More Effective

Published: Apr 03, 2014 at 15:00 UTC
Making Your Wireless Alarms More Effective

If you know all the great features that wireless alarms have today, you can use every feature to your advantage and make them more effective than ever for securing your house.

Wireless alarms can become the best guards in the house to protect you and your loved ones from several threatening moments of life. Reading in newspapers about commonly happening thefts and robberies and praying that they don’t happen to you is not the best strategy to secure your family. If you have recently installed wireless alarms in your house or are looking for them online, here are a few options you can add in your package to make them most effective.

Choose The Cameras With Extra Features

Mounting cameras that show you a black & white video is not enough today. As a matter of fact, many important details are missing when you are looking at a scene in black & white. Today’s wireless alarms let you have the most advanced wireless cameras with some great features. These cameras show you a multi-color video and allow you to pan, zoom and tilt the camera with the touch of a button. This is a great way to save money on cameras because the tilting option will let you see in many directions and you won’t require many cameras in the house for full coverage. Furthermore, always choose for night-vision cameras so you are able to get a perfect quality video even when it is night time. In fact, most burglars would attempt to enter a house at night so night vision technology is an imperative addition.

Go For Two-Way Communication Options

Two-way communication options on wireless alarms are great to communicate with the family in the time of need or to talk to a professional from the monitoring service when there is an emergency.When you go for the wireless alarms you can opt for monitoring services. The monitoring service professionals can be reached with the press of a button on the intercom or a device that is on your wrist and worn around your neck. By pressing the button you get in touch with the professional and inform him/her about the emergency. When a notification reaches the monitoring service the representative contacts you on the same device.

Add A Battery Backup To The System

Many wireless alarms come with a big battery pack the powers the entire system. This ensures that your system is running in case of power outages or when the intruders have cut the power to disable the wireless alarms in the house. These battery packs have enough power to keep your system running for hours. Always ask the company’s representatives or check this information on the website when looking for wireless security systems. Go for security systems that have a minimum battery backup for the night when there is no power.

Choose The Alarm System With Video Upload Options

This option is not available commonly but you can always filter your researched options and only contact the service providers that offer this option with their wireless alarms. Every second of the video recorded on your wireless cameras should be viewable and the video upload option allows you to do that. You can watch the previously recorded videos on your smartphone by accessing and online account on the website of your service provider. There is an expiration period of this data and after that time the videos are erased and cannot be accessed by the homeowner. Always ask for this option and see if you have to pay extra dollars to get this particular service.

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