The Many Advantages of Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Published: Apr 25, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
The Many Advantages of Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Wireless alarm monitoring has some great advantages and with more and more people subscribing to these methods of monitoring their prices are coming down too.

Wireless alarm monitoring means that the alarm system in your house is wireless and it works on various technologies available for wireless communication. Some wireless systems work with the latest Wi-Fi technology while others use the GSM and cellular networks so the monitoring is guaranteed even when there is no power in the house. This is probably the best advantage that wireless alarming systems offer that you can rely on them even when there is no power at home.

Reasonable Cost and Ease of Control

The installation costs of wireless alarm monitoring system are very low since there is no need to drill holes in the walls and make openings for the installation of various components. In short, you don’t need any professional installers at home and so you don’t have to pay too much for the installation. Once a wireless unit has been set up in your house or wherever the service provider thinks necessary, the rest of the things can be taken care of by you. Did you know that there are many smartphone applications that allow you to control your wireless alarms by allowing you to arm and disarm the alarms regardless of your location?

Protection These Systems Offer

Wireless alarm monitoring proves to be the best solution for homeowners who need protection of their property in their absence. The security system is own when the homeowner is not in the house and triggers the alarm in case of any breach or intrusion. All the entrances in the house are fully protected through sensors that are mounted on the walls, doors, windows and other openings. Elderly people need protection and care when you are not home and wireless alarm monitoring makes this easier. Devices that are made in the form of bracelets, necklaces and other similar forms can send signals to the wireless alarm monitoring system in case of an emergency.

Components Used in Wireless Alarm Monitoring System

Wireless alarm monitoring uses some of the most high-end gadgets to protect your house and property. Motion sensors, remote tag, contact sensors, CO sensors etc. are some examples of the components used with wireless security systems. Every alarming component in the house can be connected to the wireless alarm monitoring system so in case of emergency aid could be sent. The best advantage of wireless alarm monitoring is that there are professionals taking care of you when you are not in the house. These professionals are monitoring your house 24/7 so if there is an elderly person in the house and an emergency arises, they will dispatch the medical aid as soon as possible.

Duress Code

Many wireless alarm monitoring systems now allow you to have a keypad with a duress code. The duress code can be used when someone in the house is forcing you to disable all the wireless components by entering the disarming code. By entering the duress code the system will be disabled but a notification will be sent to your wireless alarm monitoring company about your situation. In this scenario the service providers will send in the help and take the necessary measures to ensure your safety.

You can now search for hundreds of companies online that are providing wireless alarm monitoring, so you can compare the prices of their services. Most of the solutions are in the forms of plans and are not negotiable but you can easily get an affordable solution with thorough research.

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