Medical Alert Bracelet For Kids – Can The IoTs Keep Your Kids Safe?

Published: Apr 28, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
medical alert bracelet for kids

As a parent, you should understand that your child could potentially disappear within a matter of minutes. Even when keeping an eye on your child closely, they could wander off and disappear into the void. This can give parents major concerns and has brought about the need for rectification. This is why many parents are now utilizing medical alert bracelet for kids to prevent problems. Can this device and the Internet of Things keep your child safe? You’ll find out below.

What Can The IoT Do?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Internet of Thins, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with this concept and what it could do for your family. Although it may seem complicated, the concept is actually very simple. It simply allows almost anything and everything to be connected together, while also being connected to the Internet. Below, you’ll find a list of things that could be connected in this manner.

• Personal tracking systems
• Bracelets
• Cameras
• Thermostats
• Lights

Of course, the list could be endless. By setting up a strategic IoT system, it would be possible to perform many tasks, such as keeping tabs on your child or a pet.

Everywhere Monitoring

When your child was a baby, you likely utilized a baby monitor to keep an eye on him or her at night. Although this device probably provided you with peace of mind, you would most likely agree that it was limited to some degree. Once your child left the crib or their designated play area, you could no longer monitor them. With a medical alert bracelet from Rescue Alert or another similar company and the Internet of Things, parents will be able to monitor their children anywhere and everywhere. Although Rescue Alert’s system is designed for the elderly, it can also work perfectly for children and toddlers.

By fitting your child with a tracking bracelet and connecting it to your system, you’ll be able to achieve this goal. Once this is done, you’ll be able to login to your system and check the precise location of your toddler, even if you’re many miles away. This makes the combination a reliable solution, regardless of your child’s age.

Whole Home Monitoring

Although children are safer at home than they are in the public, problems can still arise and an accident could occur anywhere. A babysitter could be abusing your toddler, without you knowing about it. Or a stranger could break into your home and attempt to harm your family. With the IoT, you will be able to maintain a watchful eye over your entire home and child, so you can have a better chance of preventing both problems. How is this possible? Well, with the IoT, you can connect many cameras together.

By fitting your home with enough cameras and syncing them to your automation system, you’ll be able to check all streams from anywhere in the world. In fact, you may even be able to watch all streams simultaneously for even greater peace of mind.


All in all, children are never truly safe, but there are ways to decrease the risks. By utilizing a medical alert bracelet and an automation system, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on your toddler no matter how old they get or where they decide to go.

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