Some Must-Have Sensors For Wireless Alarms To Make Your House Safer

Published: Apr 03, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Some Must-Have Sensors For Wireless Alarms To Make Your House Safer

Wireless alarms are now the new way of protecting your house from intrusions, accidents and mishaps. However, people forget to add some really useful types of sensors with their wireless alarms that can make their alarm system a perfect security solution.

If you start shopping for wireless alarms today you will realize that there is a wireless alarm for almost anything that happens in the house. These alarms have varying ranges, shapes, sizes and functions. It’s a common practice that people mount security cameras in their homes and think that this is the best security solution for them but that’s not true. From the many different types of wireless alarms there are some that must be a part of your home security system to guarantee maximum security. Here are these must-have wireless alarms:

The CO Sensor

This is probably one of the most useful wireless alarms anyone can ever have in the house. If you have security cameras in the house know that they won’t be able to do and show you anything when there is carbon monoxide in a room or the entire house. These wireless alarms detect the carbon monoxide in the house and send you a notification within a second. If using heaters or certain devices in the house causes CO to be produced in your house, you can set the alarm to ring at a particular level of CO. This guarantees that your family and loved ones are safe from the invisible and odorless killer.

Garage Door Sensor

This is another important sensor that you must look for if you are online and shopping for wireless alarms. Most of the customers completely forget about their garages and end up buying every type of sensor for their house only. You must remember that your car is parked in the garage and it needs protection too. Garage door wireless alarms can be of different types. You can go for one that sends you an alert when someone tries to open the door without your permission or you can pick one with additional feature of informing you when you have mistakenly left the garage door opened.

Water Leak Sensors

This sensor is often forgotten by homeowners when they install wireless alarms in the house. Most of the attention is paid to wireless cameras, motion and glass break sensors. Water leakage can be overlooked in the beginning but this can cause you big troubles later on. Your walls will get ruined, the house will have too much moisture and too much moisture means a heaven for germs and microorganisms. Most of the companies selling wireless alarms now have water leakage and flooding sensors that send you an alert as soon as the water leakage starts. You can decide the sensitivity of such alarms too.

Panic Button Option

While this is not exactly a sensor but a panic button device is another essential part of wireless alarms and security systems. These are devices that can be easily carried around, worn around wrists or necks so a patient with severe medical conditions can reach out and press it immediately in an emergency situation. The signals from the panic button reach the control unit and then a notification is sent to you. If you have a monitoring service the notification will reach the professionals and they can take the necessary action on your behalf. You can also set the notification to be sent to certain contacts on your phone’s contact list.

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