Where Must You Have Wireless Smoke Detectors Installed

Published: Mar 21, 2014 at 04:13 UTC
Where Must You Have Wireless Smoke Detectors Installed

Whether you live in a residential house or own a commercial building, there are certain places that are more prone to fire damages and it’s most important to install wireless smoke detectors in those places first.

Smoke detectors have to be installed in every house and commercial building where there’s a chance of fire and smoke emergencies. Of course, most homes have kitchens and so there is a possibility of fire and smoke damage at all times. Companies and factories need wireless smoke detectors just the same but there are certain places where smoke detectors are more needed than they are in other places. For example, smoke detectors will be most needed in server rooms, boiler rooms, kitchens and other places that are more prone to fire and smoke emergencies. Here are some of the places that need wireless smoke detectors the most.

Kitchens And Areas Near The Kitchen

Smoke can cause severe health injuries and even death. People can be forgetful and little mistakes can result in fire and smoke emergencies. This is the reason having wireless smoke detectors near the kitchens is most important. It is important that you select the wireless smoke detectors that are specifically designed to be mounted and placed near the kitchens. These smoke detectors have medium sensitivity or on other occasions you have the option of changing their sensitivity. This is to make sure that your alarms don’t go off due to small smoke formed in the kitchen generally during cooking.

Server Rooms

Wireless smoke detectors are invaluable for commercial settings. Almost any company today is running on computers and server rooms generate a lot of heat. Despite all the cooling setups there are possibilities of smoke and fire. A damage that starts with a little smoke can result in a loss of thousands and millions of dollars. However, having wireless smoke detectors installed in these places can save you from such huge losses. An important point to note here is to have the smoke detectors with high and extreme sensitivity so even a slightest hint of smoke in the room is notified to you through loud sirens and alarms.


After a long day at the office you are not waiting to get out of your car and get into bed. This sometimes can lead to incidents where fuel is leaking from the car and the owner doesn’t take notice of that. Extremely hot days can also cause fires in places you haven’t imagined – think about fire in jungles and woods. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have wireless smoke detectors installed in your garage. Another reason to have wireless smoke detectors installed in your garage is because this part of the house is mostly separated from the house and any fire or smoke damage might go unnoticed for a long time.

In The Room With A Heater Or Chimney

You definitely spend a lot of time in front of a heater or fireplace if you live in a cold climatic region. However, fire and smoke damages are most common in winter seasons due to the use of heating appliances. People forget to keep their heaters and fireplaces away from curtains, blinds, carpets and other garments and this causes fire and smoke. Sensitive wireless smoke detectors in these places can save you from the loss of valuable property and priceless lives. Also, keep testing your wireless smoke detectors to make sure they are working fine and the alarming sound is loud enough to be heard in the entire house.

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