The MyFox Home Security System Looks To Break Through

Published: Sep 28, 2016 at 08:00 UTC
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Home security systems have undeniably improved immensely throughout the years, but they still falter in one key area. The majority of these systems is only capable of detecting motion and cannot differentiate between one action and another. This can make the system problematic and unreliable, since it’ll send you alarm, whenever anyone approaches your home. The MyFox Home Security System hopes to be able to rectify this problem, while breaking through in the process. Below, you’ll learn all about this brand new system.

About The MyFox

Before delving into the detection capabilities of the MyFox, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the basics. The system comes with a wide array of amazing benefits, which will definitely make it compelling for many homeowners. Below, you’ll find a list of the benefits of this security system.

  • No contract or monthly fees
  • Works seamlessly with the Amazon Echo and Nest
  • Integrates with its awesome companion application
  • Doesn’t utilize keypad entry
  • Near effortless installation


What Is Included?

The MyFox is available in several different packages and each of them delivers a handful of different products and gadgets. This makes the system ideal for all budgets and is easily customizable to fit yours. Below, you’ll find some of the items that can be added to your customized MyFox Security System.

  • Key fobs
  • Motion sensors
  • HD Camera
  • A central hub

How It Is Different

At this point, the MyFox may not seem much different from the alternatives. Of course, it truly excels in terms of its sensing capabilities. The system comes with a highly innovative IntelliTAG. This motion sensor is capable of learning the normal activity around your property. Once it has become familiar with the UPS deliveryman, it will no longer send out false alerts associated with the deliveryman.


All in all, the MyFox may not seem unique right away, but it could deliver a better performance for those living in busy neighborhoods. Home security systems have been plagued by false alarms, but the MyFox offers a more reliable alternative, which can drastically cut the frequency of false alarms.

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