A necessity for every home: wireless intercom system

Published: Apr 19, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
A necessity for every home: wireless intercom

In this article which shall look at the different features, pros and cons of a wireless intercom system for home.

If you’ve never thought of buying a wireless intercom system for your home and if you think it is just a waste of your money, you should re-think about it now. Wireless intercom system is a useful device, that every able person should buy.


Communication within the house

A huge advantage of wireless intercom system is that one can communicate with other members of the house through intercom, without actually having to get up, if an intercom is installed in every room. A family meeting can be held through an intercom without all the family members being in the same room. An intercom comes in very handy especially if there is an elderly person or a baby in the house. An elderly person can contact his/her other family members through the intercom easily, if he/she need anything. Parents can keep watch on their baby and his/her needs without having to stay in his/her room.

Private calls within the house

You must be wondering what if a person wants to contact one specific member within his/her house and do not want other family members with intercoms in their rooms to hear it, so is that possible? Yes, modern technology has added this feature in the intercoms. A selective call can be made within the house. As many wireless intercoms are digital and digital intercoms use complex codes, this enables private conversations within the house.

Simple installation

Like all the other wireless devices, the installation of wireless intercoms is a simple and effortless task. It can be done by anybody and no special help is required for this.

Answer doors

With the help of wireless intercom, people can answer their doors without actually going to the door, they can also open the doors through their intercoms, without actually walking to the door. This helps when people have least liked guests on their doors and they can asked to be leave politely through their intercoms without having to face them. Video intercoms have made it possible for people to know who is at their door without even asking them first.

Portable wireless screens

Portable wireless intercom monitors lets one carry them where ever he wants to carry them within the house, even in the washroom. In this way, if somebody is home alone and expecting someone, they do not have to delay their shower so they can just answer the doorbell. They can carry their portable intercoms with them and answer doors and even open them from where ever they want to. An elder who is on bed rest can push a button can call his/her nurse or anyone of their family members.

Activation by Speech

Activation by speech activates an intercom when a person speaks into it. This can come in very handy especially for children and old people, who might find it difficult to remember the buttons of the intercom.



Wireless Intercoms are expensive and require monthly maintenance. If any part is damaged, it takes a lot of cash to repair it.


Everybody should carry out proper research before spending their money on anything. A person who is interested in buying a wireless intercom system should consider these factors before taking any decision.

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