Do You Need Alarm Monitoring With A Wireless System?

Published: May 20, 2014 at 12:10 UTC
Do You Need Alarm Monitoring With A Wireless System?

It is not unusual for people to install an alarm system in their home and then believe that they have done everything possible to secure their safety.

Many simply are not even aware that there is a further option that is available to them. This scenario certainly applies to those who install a wireless security system, with many believing that their new and latest technology device will take care of all alarm monitoring issues automatically.

If this position applies to you, it is important that you understand that there is another layer of protection that you can apply to enhance your wireless security even further.

What is alarm monitoring?

An understanding of alarm monitoring really lies in the definition that users apply to the concept. For many, alarm monitoring simply means the process of installing an alarm system throughout the house. Once the security is in place, the house is then deemed to be monitored for intrusion or other mishap, depending on the level of coverage that has been utilized. Given that many providers use the term interchangeably with actual monitoring, you could easily be forgiven for defending this explanation. The real value in monitoring your home however, comes in the added protection afforded to it by a security company that links to your system, and then summons the appropriate authority when the alarm in your home is triggered. Your home is monitored or watched continuously based on the activity of the alarm.

Wireless alarms

If you are considering installing a wireless alarm at your property, then you already have some idea about the efficiency with which the system works. There are no lines for the burglars to cut, you can live landline-free, and you only need proximity to the vast cellular frequency network and some long-lasting batteries for your security system to remain active. You can incorporate panic and medical security functionality, and you can add, update or extend your system easily because you are free from any form of locked system set-up. You also have the added benefit that you can monitor your home all from the flexibility of your accessible mobile device.

Interactive wireless alarms

Your wireless home security system enables you to connect to it online or through your portable tablet or smartphone. Each video camera that you have set-up within your home allows you to watch live video feeds, effectively enabling you to monitor the system yourself. Outside cameras will detect lurkers on your property, while cameras placed inside the home can monitor caregivers and others to eliminate safety concerns. If an alarm is triggered, the wireless system will instantly send you notification so that you can take precautionary or defensive action to remedy the detected concern. Generally this will require you contacting emergency personnel and breaking up your day in order to get home to deal with the problem.

Alarm monitoring with a wireless service

Only you can determine if your wireless system is enough security to meet your current needs. The benefits of having alarm monitoring for your home would mean that, as you receive immediate notice of an alarm alert at your house, so would the monitoring service who would contact the relevant authority personnel on your behalf. This would allow help to arrive faster when initiated by professionals skilled in the industry of home security. Signals from your alarm control panel would pass through the wireless network to your security company’s monitoring center, from which the staff would contact the necessary parties based on the type of signal that was received. Along with your home being secure with the wireless security application, professional alarm monitoring provides those extra layers of safe-keeping and reassurance.

Alarm monitoring with a wireless service

Wireless security systems not only ensure an effective means by which to safe-guard your property, they also allow personal remote access by which you can monitor the activity at your home. Depending on the reputation of your neighborhood, or the level of protection that you feel your home requires, unlimited alarm monitoring by a professional security company is an additional option of defense.

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