Why You Need Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Published: Jan 28, 2015 at 08:37 UTC
Why You Need Wireless Alarm Monitoring

With the exception of locked doors and windows, many people ignore or refuse to care about the efficient security of their family home. If you find upon reflection that you too have been apathetic about the protection of your property, then know that this is a very real mistake that can cost you in both financial and personal welfare.

Whilst there is an endless list of reasons as to why you should want to defend your home, this article will list four motivating yet genuine scenarios as to why you should invest in wireless alarm monitoring today.

Who you ‘gonna call’?  

To borrow a line from the eighties ‘Ghostbusters’ movie, you really do need to consider who you are going to call if you arrive home one day and find that your house has been burgled. Obviously you are going to call the local authorities, but that will take some time for them to arrive.

You could call your neighbors, but then, they are busy with their own lives and, to be honest, there is not too much that they can really do once the crime has been committed. You also can’t be certain whether or not some residents close by were home and did nothing even if they noticed the intrusion at your property.

Wireless alarm monitoring at your home would have detected the break in the moment it began.

Alarms scare burglars

Burglars are essentially cowards, meaning that in most circumstances they really won’t do anything where their ‘trade’ increases the risk of them being exposed and caught.

Where it is obvious that the home in which they have entered has a standard wired alarm in place, the more brazen intruder will reduce the odds of being detected simply by cutting the wires to the system.

With wireless alarm monitoring, this is not an option, so the thief is much more likely to be revealed. When this becomes obvious, the burglar immediately becomes aware of being seen on camera and in most cases the only thought is to flee the house promptly.

In cases where the burglar identifies that you have such an alarm, your house is unlikely to be targeted any further.

Personal remote access

If there is a more terrifying thought than a stranger having illegally entered your house, it is that it may occur while your wife or female friend or partner is in the home either alone or with children, and is unable to provide any protective defense against a much bigger and stronger opponent.

Very often, scenarios like this can turn to events that go far beyond a simple break and enter outcome, particularly when the person at home is unaware that the house has been entered.

When you have a wireless alarm monitoring system installed, you can access the movements in your home remotely from your cell phone or other mobile device.

This allows you to immediately inform the authorities of any suspicious activity in the home, and to alert any persons in the home to take care until authorized help arrives.

Professional remote access

Home security companies that provide wireless systems generally also offer upgrade packages to their professional round the clock alarm monitoring service.

This works very simply, in that the monitoring center would receive signals through the wireless network directly from your alarm’s control panel when irregular activity was detected by your wireless sensors.

When this occurs, specially trained monitor personnel can immediately alert the relevant legal authorities who can then attend to your property within minutes.

With this level of protection, all you need to do is keep your wireless alarm on and active and let the professionals take care of the rest.

Effective wireless alarm monitoring protection

Your wireless alarm monitoring system is not only effective at keeping the burglars ‘at bay’, but it also gives you peace of mind in knowing that if something should happen at your home, both you and the authorities will be immediately alerted to ensure timely action. From burglaries to the more sinister home invasion crimes, you are responsible for the safety of your home and family, and the most reliable means with which to achieve this is with your own reliable wireless alarm monitoring system.

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